The Top 5 Hobbies for Busy Mums to Try

As a mum, you probably never get a chance to rest. From taking the kids to school every day to ensuring your career is on the right path, it can slowly start to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But despite how busy you are, it’s essential that you find time to do the hobbies you love. If you don’t have any existing hobbies, then this guide is going to provide you with some nifty suggestions to try.

So, when you next have some free time – be it at the weekend or during a weekday – make sure to give one of these spectacular 5 hobbies a try.

1.   Collect antique watches and jewellery

Who doesn’t love the finer things in life? Specifically, who doesn’t love antique watches and jewellery?

You probably didn’t know this, but buying antique watchers can be easy. The same applies to jewellery. In fact, you can find some amazing vintage jewellery in charity stores and vintage shops, which are often a goldmine for this.

Over the years, you could collect a variety of antique watches and different types of jewellery either for fun or to sell to other people for a profit. Either way, it’s a really fun hobby for mums to have – so make sure to give it a try!

2.   Go to the gym

Nowadays, lots more mums are signing up for gym memberships. This is smart, as it’s a fun and practical hobby. Because you’re rushed off your feet every day, going to the gym will help you to maintain peak fitness levels so that you can handle whatever the week throws at you. Also, going to the gym will give you a major mental health boost – and what’s not to like about that?

Also, it’s important to remember that joining a gym doesn’t mean you have to go every day of the week. Even just once a week is enough!

3.   Start a family YouTube vlog

Over the past couple of years, you’ve likely seen a crazy rise in family vlogs on YouTube.

Now, families from all over the world are posting weekly family vlogs for viewers to watch, like, and comment on. These types of vlogs generally cover all activities; from day trips out with your kids to playing games at home. If you make your vlogs fun and entertaining, you’ll get lots of views and it will turn into a great hobby for you.

4.   Decorate cakes

Are you a fan of using your hands in the kitchen? If so, you should start decorating cakes as a hobby!

You could even get your partner or kids involved in your hobby, whether they want to physically assist you in the kitchen or simply provide you with ideas. Plus, if you get really good at decorating cakes, you could turn it into your own business and sell them online!

With Christmas fast approaching, you should check out these Christmas cake decoration ideas.

5.   Become a photographer and post your snaps to social media

Photography is fun for individuals who have an appreciation for their surroundings. You don’t even need a fancy camera to do this as a hobby – all you need is a respectable smartphone that can capture content at 1080p plus!

You could capture tons of different photos during each season. This winter should open up a lot of photography options, from local parks to your city’s night stalls, so make sure to take advantage of it.

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