The Places You Didn’t Know You Needed to Visit in Australia

When it comes to visiting Australia all the talk tends to be about the two biggest cities, Sydney, and Melbourne. Indeed, these are must-see places, and some of the most beautiful spots in the world, but what about the people who are looking for a slightly different Australian experience?

While these places are still very popular, they are a little bit less well-known in the UK, and yet, still well worth visiting.

The Adelaide Hills

If you love to get out in the countryside, appreciate great wine, and enjoy exploring small communities, then the Adelaide Hills is the place for you. This is one of the premier destinations in Australia for outdoor adventurous, and there’s so much to do and see.

Located a short drive from Adelaide, you get all the countryside you get ever want in this beautiful spot. Check out accommodation in Hahndorf, and live life to the full in this beautiful part of South Australia.


Located next to the wonderful city of Perth, Fremantle boasts wonderful history, beautiful beaches, and lots of natural beauty.

Just a short drive from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, you’ve got all sorts of options to do and see on this part of the Swan River. As is par for the course in Australia, this area offers wonderful wines and delicious food, so be sure to check out the local restaurant scene.

You can easily pop into bustling Perth, capital and largest city of Western Australia, as local transport makes getting around the area nice and easy.


One of the first clues to what you can expect from Noosa is in its location – it’s on the Sunshine Coast. If that’s not enough to warrant a visit, then the incredible beaches, wonderful leisure activities, and sheer natural beauty of this area are.

Noosa is home to one of the few everglades in the world, and a kayak through this beautiful scenery is highly recommended. However, it doesn’t matter what you end up doing in Noosa, you’re bound to have an amazing time.


On completely the opposite side of Australia to Noosa, Broome might be over 4,000km away, but you’ve still got that amazing Aussie hospitality and simply stunning scenery.

Broome has some perfect weather, wonderful beaches, amazing natural history (it’s a great place to see dinosaur footprints that are around 130 million years old), and a historic Chinatown which is well worth checking out.

It might be a long way from the traditional tourist spots of Sydney and Melbourne, but it’s well worth making the extra effort to visit Broome.


If you’re looking to visit somewhere that not many people get to, then Tasmania is the perfect option.

A beautiful island located around 500km off Australia’s south east coast, this is a great option for anyone who loves exploring. With beaches galore, natural beauty, wild landscapes, and amazing hospitality, it’s an area you don’t want to miss out on.


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