The Different Types Of Scented Candles And How To Choose

Scented candles have risen in popularity over the last few years. Therapists have found that they can be used to treat anxiety and can be used as an aid in meditation, which is a very effective treatment for numerous mental health disorders. Because of this, scented candles are recommended to everybody who suffers from mental health issues.

Scented candles also make a great accompaniment to your home, even if you don’t suffer from mental health issues. It’s important to find the perfect type of candle for you, however. This article will help you to do that:

Wax Melts

Wax melts are an especially popular type of scented candle, which consist of chunks of scented wax that release fragrance when heated. Unlike traditional candles, wax melts do not have a wick. Even so, according to the wax melt specialists from Coco Luxe, they come in a variety of fragrances and produce a room-filling scent in just a few minutes. When compared to traditional candles, wax melts produce a longer-lasting fragrance and have a longer burn time. In addition, they are also much cheaper, making them a great option for anybody who doesn’t want to break the bank.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are another very popular type of candle, particularly with people who’re concerned about what chemicals they’re burning. Beeswax candles don’t release a fragrance even comparable to wax melts in strength, instead, they are much milder but somewhat pleasant. Another downside to beeswax candles is that they are very expensive and difficult to find unless you live in a town with health shops. It is, of course, possible to order these candles online, however. For the price of a beeswax candle, it would be possible to buy several wax melts or ordinary scented candles though, so bear that in mind.

Paraffin Candles

Paraffin candles are by far the most common type of scented candle, and the most affordable. Paraffin candles produce a strong, long-lasting smell, although they produce a fragrance nowhere near the strength of a wax melt. Paraffin candles can be found in nearly every grocery store or shop in the country – they are that popular. Because the ingredients found in a paraffin candle are cheap, they are usually extremely affordable, as in it is possible to buy several for a few dollars. If you don’t mind burning potentially harmful chemicals, paraffin candles are a great addition to your home.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are a type of candle that isn’t top-heavy, so they can float in water. You have probably seen them many times before. They are very small and are packaged in small aluminum containers. Most people are unaware that these candles can be taken out of their containers and left to float in a bowl of water, or even in the bath. These candles, like all candles, can be purchased in a scented variety, which makes them a great addition for people on a budget who want hundreds of small candles dotted around their room.

There are many more types of scented candles than those that we have mentioned here. Those mentioned here are, however, the most popular and by far the best. Be sure to give each consideration when you’re searching for the perfect scented candle.

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