The Best Treatment & Self-Help Options To Correct Crossbite

Smiles are becoming increasingly important in life. Much of this is thanks to the Hollywood smile which has introduced the world to perfect white teeth. While this may not be feasible for everyone, it certainly enhances the image that perfect teeth lead to success.

Having a good smile will help you to feel more confident and capable of anything. But, there are a variety of conditions that can make it seem impossible to get this smile. Crossbite is one of these.

What Is crossbite

Crossbite is surprisingly common. This occurs naturally and means that your lower teeth obscure the view of your upper teeth when you close your mouth completely. It can be one tooth obscured or all the top row. In essence, the lower jaw is sticking out further than the upper one.

As well as making the Hollywood smile difficult, crossbites mean you are connected with various parts of your mouth when you shouldn’t be. This creates sores spots. Crossbite also generally causes headaches, jaw pain and can distort the normal appearance of the face.

In addition, it increases the likelihood of enamel being damaged and teeth weakened. In short, if you have a crossbite you need to see a reputable dentist St Kilda East and start the correction process.


The most effective and common way to treat crossbite is via braces whilst still a child. This is because children are still developing and it’s easier to move the teeth through gentle guidance. Braces are designed to place consistent pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them into alignment.

It’s worth noting that this process is completely safe, teeth are capable of moving, and the brace simply guides them.

Although it’s best to have a brace as a child, it is possible to use an adult brace and have the condition corrected in later life. In fact, adult braces are becoming increasingly popular.


In extreme cases, a brace cannot solve the issue and the specialist surgeon will operate to correct the crossbite. This procedure involves shortening the jaw to bring the lower teeth in line with the upper ones and eliminate the crossbite. Having surgery can be combined with brace wearing to get the best possible result. It should be noted surgery is generally only an option for adults.


A dentist can use an expander to boost the size of your upper jaw section. These are fitted into your mouth by the dentist and place pressure from the inside. The expander is changed regularly for larger expanders to help maintain pressure and realign the jaw.


In some cases, the mouth is simply overcrowded and this is causing the issue. In this instance, the dentist will generally remove a couple of the back teeth, allowing the brace to guide the remaining teeth into better positions.

Restorative Work

If necessary, dentists can reshape teeth or cap them to help them acquire the right position.

Every case of crossbite s different. That’s why it’s essential that you visit your dentist first. They can discuss the best treatment option for the severity of your crossbite.

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