The Best Personal Gifts You Can Get This Year

We are finally getting to the time of the year that some love and some hate… Christmas! As the adverts slowly start to grace our screens, the nights get darker and the evenings grow colder, people all over the world are starting to ponder what they can buy their loved ones this year.

Sure, slippers, bath bombs and socks are all options but what happens when you eventually exhaust all of them? You should consider getting some more personalised gifts this year so that your loved ones will know just how much thought has gone into choosing their gifts. If you are struggling with what gifts you should choose then you are in the right place as this article will discuss in more detail the best personal gifts that you’ll be able to get this year.

Personalised Liqueur

Getting alcohol is always a popular choice at Christmas time but you really dial up the thoughtfulness behind it by making it a bit more personal. For instance, if you head over to Oxton Liqueurs, you can buy personalised liqueur gifts. These can come with inscribed messages that specifically pertain to the person you have bought it for, making the whole gift much more personal.  

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

This is a great gift for people who love jewellery. You will be able to write out your own message and then have that turned into a gold or silver bracelet. The best thing about this gift though is the fact that the message comes in the form of your actual handwriting, it is not just a message written in standard text. These are incredibly popular because of how personal they are and so you may want to start practicing your calligraphy skills ahead of this holiday season.

Custom Leather Keychain

We are always losing our keys so why not get your loved one a present that helps stop them doing that? If you are buying a custom leather keychain then you will be able to ensure their keys don’t go missing as often and they never wind up mixing up their keys with somebody else’s. The customisation can come in the form of their name, initials or a personal message that is special between the two of you.

Photo Socks

These are a much more fun idea as your friends and family will really get a kick out of. Essentially, these are socks that are completely covered with a photo of yours (or someone else’s) face. You can choose your best or worst selfie and add a variety of photos, so it is not just the same one over and over again. This also means that if you are getting them as a gift for your parents, you can add images of all of your siblings faces on them.


This Christmas, when getting some presents for your loved ones, why not get something a little bit more personal? If you aren’t 100% on where to start with your personalised gifts, then the above is a fantastic reference sheet.

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