The Best Disney Movies to Introduce to Your Children

Are you ready to share your love of Disney movies with your children? Whether you want to see what your little ones think of your favourite childhood film or you are keen to introduce them to the wonderful world of 3D computer animation, find out below the top seven Disney movies that are perfect for sharing with your kids.

1.   The Lion King

A classic that is loved by adults and children alike, not only is The Lion King visually breathtaking, but it also contains several life lessons that are important for children to learn. The first one being the circle of life, and the second “Hakuna Matata”, which encourages everyone to be happy and optimistic whatever life throws at you.

What more could you want from a kid’s movie?

2.   Moana

A newer Disney film, Moana is colourful, exciting, and full of catchy songs that your kids will love to sing along to. Plus, with a distinct change in animation beauty standards with the character of Moana, this movie teaches girls that you don’t have to look a certain way to be a princess or a strong character.

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3.   Peter Pan

Who didn’t love watching Peter Pan when they were little? Known as The Little Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, Peter Pan is full of wonder, fun, and excitement with fairies, pirates, and so much more that will keep both boys and girls captivated throughout.

4.   Frozen

You can’t have a list of the Best Disney Movies without mentioning Frozen, the most successful animated movie that Disney has ever produced (even taking over The Lion King). With two strong female leads, arguably the best songs in a Disney movie ever, and stunning visuals, once you show your child this movie, expect it to be on a loop constantly for the foreseeable future.

5.   Finding Nemo

If you want a Disney film that you will enjoy watching nearly as much as your child, then this is the movie for you. With a dialogue that is perfect for young children but with a few adult jokes thrown in for good measure, grab a blanket, a vat of popcorn, and settle in for a ride through the magical world of the sea.

You’ll never look at a fish tank in the same way again!

6.   Beauty And The Beast

Although the Beast may be a little scary for really young children, this is still a Disney classic that you must share with your children. Packed with a great variety of fast-paced catchy songs and slower, more sentimental ones, this movie teaches your little one about how to learn to love and be loved in return, an important message for everyone.

7.   Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

Ranked as one of the top 100 greatest American films ever made, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves was the first-ever full-length animated feature film produced by an American studio and the first entry in the Disney Princess franchise. Learn more about this on An adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, this Disney classic is just as good today as it was way back when it premiered in 1937.

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