The benefits of online shopping

Online shopping is a marvellous thing. You can shop at Midnight, you can shop whilst waiting for a parcel to be delivered. (Because we all know if you go out to shop then that parcel you have been waiting for will arrive) You can shop in bad weather, all without leaving the sofa. And you can buy your kids clothing to be tried on at home rather than dragging their reluctant selves round the shops.

But there’s so much out there. How do we make sure we aren’t spending too much, or are making the best savings we can. Here are some of my tips:

Discount Codes: Everyone loves a discount code and it’s always worth looking out for one. Some can be found by googling, others from Social Media pages. Beware of some places offering click through for discount codes that don’t exist. You will spot them with a bit of care as they are always in the same format and it’s unlikely you will need to put in lots of personal information to get a genuine code.

Follow companies you love on Social Media: This is often the best place to find a code or information about upcoming sales. When I ran my small business I always posted about discounts on my Facebook page first, as I recognised these were my loyal customers. Small businesses particularly use these platforms to reach customers, so watch the companies you love.

Sign up for newsletters: They often send you a discount. If you are thinking about a big purchase it’s worth browsing, signing up and seeing what offer pops into your inbox. Many places do introductory offers or offers sent out via newsletter only.

Free Delivery: Postage can add quite a lot to a shopping bill.  Sometimes it’s worth paying, especially if you need something quickly, but think about whether you can manage to wait a few days to take advantage of the free option.

Delivery Subscriptions: Some websites have a monthly subscription to get free delivery. Worth thinking about if you use one site a lot. Several companies also offer online shopping with free click and collect. You can order everything and then do one trip into town to get all the parcels.

Comparison websites: These can be a very useful way of price checking, particularly for food shopping or for financial purchases.

Cash Back sites: There are a few cashback websites partnered with a wide variety of retailers. If you visit them first and then go through to the retailer you will get a small amount of cash back. This is accumulated and then when you reach a minimum you get a payment. It’s not a lot but every little helps.

Reward Schemes: It’s not always worth buying something just for the loyalty card points if it’s cheaper elsewhere, but it’s always worth having a reward card if the shopping site offers one. Make sure you always put your loyalty card details in and the rewards add up.

Spreading payments: If you need to do a lot of shopping then spreading payments out can be a very helpful thing. Several companies offer this option it’s just knowing which ones. This is where an online kids’ clothing catalogue is what you need. A one-stop place online showing you all the places that do. This can save time, help you compare options and make shopping so much easier.

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