THE BABY WHISPERER: Your First Steps into Parenthood

The first days of becoming a new parent are filled with both immense joy and nervousness. So we’ve caught up with mother, award winning newborn photographer and baby whisperer, Jo Bradley, who shares her top tips on how new parents can make the most out of the special first few weeks with their newborn.

“I remember when I became a mother for the first time I was inundated with advice from well-meaning family and friends. Often this advice was contradictory – someone would tell me to do one thing while someone else would tell me to do something else. As a result, I was left feeling confused and worried that I wasn’t doing the right thing.

Skip forward a few years and I have since gone on to build a career as a newborn baby photographer. Today I work with new parents and their babies every day and I have come to realise that in reality, there is no set formula to becoming a parent.

Many of the new mums and dads come to my sessions feeling anxious and stressed, however this is the time when new parents should be enjoying every second with their new bundle of joy.

I’m often asked by parents when they come to my photography sessions, ‘how do you manage to keep my baby so calm?’. My answer? It’s a combination of different skills I’ve developed as both a mother and a newborn photographer. Over the years I have developed a sixth sense which enables me to have a deeper understanding of the parents and babies I work with. As a result, I’ve been dubbed as The Baby Whisperer by my clients.

1. Enjoy the moment
Your beautiful newborn will change so quickly so take time to cherish and enjoy this moment.

2. Pictures
Being a newborn photographer I can’t explain how important it is to take as many pictures as possible. You can never have too many pictures both ones you take yourself and professional ones.

3. Trust yourself
You will receive a lot of advice from both family and friends but you have to find what works well for you and your baby. It’s great to listen and take on board what people say but then to make your own decisions. Of course don’t ignore advice from doctors or midwives but do be wary of experts that prescribe set routines, not all babies are the same and it can be very stressful trying to follow set times and patterns.

4. Be realistic
Your life will change and you will find normal tasks difficult like having a shower before lunch. Your house might be messy and it might take you two hours to leave the house but that is OK, don’t try to be super parents.

5. Sleep deprivation
You will be sleep deprived and don’t under estimate the effect of being tired. Rest when your baby rests, the washing up can wait. Everything seems so much worse when you are tired but remember it doesn’t last forever.

6. Crying is ok
It doesn’t mean you’re not coping or that you’re are a bad mum, it just means you’re very tired. Have a good cry and then go for a walk – this will help you to refocus.

7. Babies cry
Don’t forget babies cry! Persistent crying from your baby can be very stressful, but crying is actually a good thing as it is your baby’s way of communicating their needs to you. Listen out for different cries, you will soon become an expert at reading different ones and indentifying if your baby is hungry, in pain, wet or just wants a cuddle.

8. Get out of the house
Even if it’s just for a walk to the corner shop or a walk to the park, it will make you feel a lot better.”

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