Testing a Woman’s Luck: Are Women Really Luckier in Slots?

Maybe you have heard the rumor before that women tend to be luckier in slot machine games. There are a number of beliefs and superstitions that expand across various countries and cultures, and some of them are unquestionable, let’s say “interesting.” For example, a Chinese superstition seems to consider it lucky when ladies on that private time of their monthly cycles decide to gamble! There are different interpretations of things to do and not to do before gambling, some lucky and unlucky numbers, even special prayers to attract more luck! Or it may be that women tend to have the reputation of being a bit more responsible than most men.

In the middle of all these rumors and traditions, let’s take a look at the facts to decide if the slot machines really favor women or not.

The House Always Wins

Even though men are known to take bigger risks in gambling than women in general, a recent online survey indicated that, in fact, women are more likely to win bets. Aside from the role of pure luck, this may have to do with the risk analysis skills of women, and their tendency to estimate outcomes more carefully. When it comes to slot machines though, there is not much room for assessment and calculations, so the centuries-old saying applies here—casinos are always more likely to win over both genders.

Online Gaming Tendencies

The reason behind the rumor regarding women’s luck in slots may have something to do with the general tendencies of gambling women. They tend to skip the sports betting and poker games and go for slots, bingo and online casinos. The female community taking part in online gambling games is actually growing rapidly, and this is breaking the stereotype of old, retired ladies spending their time on bingo in their local settings.

According to The Independent, an increasing number of women under the age of 35 are engaging in online gambling. Especially trustworthy online platforms like Opap Play provide women—who are much likely to be ‘escape gamblers’ seeking fun and relaxation online—with a safer experience than land-based casinos. So the greater participation of women in the gambling circles nowadays might explain why we hear so many success stories!


Good Luck!

If you’re a woman who considers herself luckier in slots just because of her gender, we might have some bad news for you. Technically speaking, women and men are equally likely to win or lose at slot machines—but of course the statistics take shape according to the number and the profile of participants. As your fellow females tend to favor slots over other games while men are more interested in poker and betting games, there is a bigger community of women playing slots out there—thus the more frequent wins!

Fortunately, all this math doesn’t mean the odds will not be on your side the next time you decide to pull the lever (or press the button, for that matter.) When you actually get lucky and hit the jackpot, the gender statistics won’t even matter anymore. The chances are fifty-fifty, and it is always worth a shot!


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