Teen’s First Car? Here Are Top Gifts They Need

Hitting 17 is a big milestone in the UK. Although teens aren’t quite old enough to vote, drink, or leave school, they are right on the cusp of adulthood. More importantly for them, it’s the earliest they can legally drive on the roads too!

If you’ve got a teen who is just about to have their 17th birthday, it’s probably time to start thinking about a first car. While it’s a milestone, many parents are put off by the cost of first cars and the fact they may get scratched, damaged etc.

Great Gifts That Mean Something

Teenagers who have passed their driving test will require a vehicle that is safe, reliable and affordable.

You can help them make better choices in the car, feel confident on the road, and stay safe by investing in these top gifts.

·         A Haynes Manual for Their Vehicle

If you’ve never heard of Haynes, it’s the most widely used manual for repairing and maintaining vehicles. It’s not just limited to cars though.

They have manuals for cars, motorcycles, campers, trucks, 4 x 4s, and vans. They even have an app!

A Haynes Manual will give your teen the confidence they need to do minor fixes to their vehicle if something goes wrong. They’ll be able to quickly assess what needs to be fixed and how much it should cost.

·         A Personalised Number Plate

Believe it or not, a personalised number plate could actually help your teen stay safer on the road. It’s all to do with psychology.

If your teen has an old banger of a car that is half falling apart, they are unlikely to look after it as well. A nicer car with a personalised number plate will help them feel pride in their ride!

Click here to start your search today for one of the coolest gifts a teen driver can have.

·         A GPS Tracking Device or Black Box

The problem with teens is that they will often drive recklessly. This is a bad idea when you’re just starting to drive.

A GPS tracking device (or black box), as it’s better known, might help to keep them on the straight and narrow!

It will also help you keep track of your teen if they are driving their car around at night when they shouldn’t be.

Read more about the best GPS tracking devices to make an informed decision.

·         A Rear-View Camera

It’s likely that you’ve already considered getting them a dash cam to help protect them in the event of an accident, but most accidents that aren’t your teen’s fault are likely to be shunting from behind.

Pick up an inexpensive rear-view cam as well as a dash cam and make a point each week for the first few months to sit down with them and review their driving.

·         A Sat Nav System

Technology is a massive bonus when it comes to driving, and one of the biggest bonuses of the modern era is cheap satellite navigation in the car!

Whether your teen has an iPhone or an Android phone, they can now pick up a satnav app like Waze or Google Maps for free.

Just be sure they have a safe and effective phone mount in the car for their phone screen, or that their sat nav is connected to a heads up display via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

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