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Survival Guide to Moving House with Kids

Moving house can present all kinds of challenges and, when you add children into the mix, these challenges are often intensified. In this article, we’re presenting our survival guide to moving house with kids. 

Moving to a new home is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life, but when you have children, it can also be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Whether you’re relocating to Essex, London or the surrounding areas, this guide is here to provide you with practical tips, expert advice, and valuable insights to make your move with kids a smooth and successful transition.

So once you’ve sorted out the legal side of moving house with solicitors in Blackheath, Basildon or Braintree, it’s important to start planning how you’re going to make this move stress-free and enjoyable for both you and your kids. 

In this comprehensive survival guide, we’ll explore strategies to minimise disruption, maintain a sense of stability, and foster a sense of excitement during the moving process. We’ll delve into practical tips for packing and organising, ways to involve your children in the moving journey, and strategies to help them adjust to their new home and community. 

Plan Ahead

During a house move, it’s inevitable that things will come up that you weren’t expecting but, by planning ahead as much as possible, you can help to limit the disruption which many children find unsettling. In the weeks prior to the move, put together a plan of action for each day including packing and storage. Where possible, leave the children’s rooms until last to avoid meltdowns when they can’t find that random jumper that they haven’t worn for six months. 

Foster Good Communication

If you have young children, the idea of a house move is likely to be scary for them, particularly if it will mean a new school and leaving their friends behind. Moreover, it is important to set aside dedicated time to engage in a meaningful conversation with your child, providing them with as much relevant information as possible. Having this open dialogue allows you to let your child know what will happen in the next weeks and what will happen on the day. 

This also gives your kids the opportunity to ask questions which, in return, allows you to reassure some of their worries. Some parents find it useful to use a story to illustrate the process and there are some great books available such as ‘We’re Moving House’ by Sam Taplin. 

Keep the Kids Involved

Where possible, getting children involved in the move is a great way of getting them used to and even excited about the idea. In the run-up to the actual move, try giving the kids simple jobs such as packing small boxes or making labels for your packing crates. This can really help to solidify the idea of the move in their mind as well as making them feel like an important part of the process. 

Turning aspects of the process into a game can also really help to remove the uncertain feelings around the move. For instance, ‘How fast can you assemble a box?’ Or, alternatively, you could set your child up with the task of creating hand-drawn labels for packing items. 

Encourage Your Kids to Explore 

It can be beneficial to take your kids to see the new house and to have a walk around the area so that you can point out all of the fun and exciting things such as the playground or shopping centre. If this is not possible due to distance, get hold of a virtual tour of the house so that you can show this to your children.

You may also want to check out activity centres and other child-friendly facilities in the area of the new house so that you can introduce your child to these as soon as possible in order to make new friends. 

Have a Big Clear Out Beforehand 

During a house move, it is common to declutter and organise belongings beforehand. However, your kids may initially resist the idea of letting go of certain items, even those they no longer use, as they adjust to the idea of change. This situation can present a valuable opportunity to initiate a conversation about less fortunate children and discuss the joy they could bring to another child’s life by donating their toys or games.

Settling In

When the much-anticipated moving day finally arrives, often with surprising speed, it’s advisable to request your movers to prioritise the children’s bedrooms. This thoughtful approach allows your child to experience an immediate sense of comfort and familiarity, surrounded by their cherished belongings. 

Additionally, depending on their age, you can involve them in the process by assigning them the task of unpacking some of their own boxes in their new room. This not only empowers them but also enables you to tackle larger tasks without the children being constantly underfoot, ensuring a more efficient and focused moving experience.

Moving House with Kids

Moving house with children is never going to be a walk in the park but, with proper planning and taking the time to reassure the kids that everything is going to be great, you can make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Ensuring that your kids have everything they need readily accessible on the moving day, can help ease any anxiety and increase the likelihood of a more seamless transition. Remember, having your children as involved as possible in the move, and prioritising their rooms and belongings, can make them feel less nervous and more excited about the new home. 

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