Supporting Dads

My name is Dawn I run The School of Antenatal Educators.  We have noticed a steep increase in men’s mental health over the years, in relation to pregnancy and birth experiences.

We see  in our classes many fathers were hesitant to open up, ask questions, especially in front of their partners, so we started running a separate session for dads only, this was a brilliant success, however, they were still holding back!  Then we introduced a Male Antenatal Educator to the mix, Wow! It was fantastic, the dads opened up, asked questions, asked personal questions, I know they would never have asked a female educator.

That’s when I realised the whole antenatal educator field was not supporting dads enough, no wonder they were struggling with supporting mums and knowing how to care for baby as well as their own place in the new family dynamics. The system was failing them.

From the second a mum finds out she is pregnant she is given care, whether its from the medical professionals, family or friends.

The men just get a pat on the back. We are looking at changing things.  But to do that we need to get more men out in the field of Antenatal Education, Dads teaching Dads. Running their own classes, in their own businesses.

The School of Antenatal Educators are training fathers all over the country to become Male Antenatal Educators. FEDANT UK accredited course.

Dads – the World is waiting for you

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