Style Tips for Busy Mums

Being a mum often means spending most of your own time taking care of the most important people in your life and not having the time to take care of yourself at the end, and often it’s things like sleep, diet and grooming that suffer. Your style doesn’t have to be different from the one you loved before becoming a mother. Today there are various interesting jeans, sweaters, and dresses that are extremely popular and yet practical for you as a mother. A beautiful trendy piece such as MoonMagic rings can spice up your whole outfit! So, if you are too busy here are 8 style tips that will allow you to look beautiful and fashionable in no time!


Start with the basics

In your wardrobe, you should always have simple clothes in neutral colors. These types of clothes are easy to match and they never go out of style. Here are some examples of clothing that are must-haves:

  • Large ivory or white shirt: you can easily wear it over trousers or a skirt.
  • A sweater: it’s comfortable and you can wear it on practically everything, the colors we recommend are gray, black, blue or beige.
  • Skinny jeans: they will never go out of style. The dark ones give you a more formal look. However, avoid wearing them with over-tight clothing.
  • Leggings seem to have been created specifically for mothers; they are perfect for playing with your kids. Pair them with a blouse or t-shirt and you’re practically ready to go out.


Perfect jewelry

Give space to the imagination with accessories such as scarves, earrings, and rings. But be careful not to overdo it, most of the time it is better to stay simple with one or two accessories that complete your outfit. Jewelry will complement every outfit and give you the ability to wear the same things as many times as you want, always looking completely different.


Don’t forget the accessories

Take the right accessory, combine it with one of the garments we told you about before and you will have a unique style. The essential accessory for your wardrobe is definitely a bag that can match your clothes and that is large enough to hold everything a mom needs.


Get something cheerful and colourful

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to dress too seriously. A few coloured skinny jeans and sneakers are ideal for both going out and spending time with your kids. It’s the colours that bring vibrancy to your fashion style! For example, if you are in the classic dark fashion combination, break it up with some piece of wardrobe that is in various shades.


Don’t forget your hair

Every morning brush your hair well and gather it in a braid or a ponytail. When you go to the hairdresser choose a cut that is easy to style even when you have to do it alone. Even if you are short on time, do not give up on the conditioner, or take a 2 in 1 product so that your hair remains healthy and hydrated.


Jeans and a white T-shirt

This combination is always a good choice. It is the perfect, classic style when you’re not sure what to wear. With sneakers, boots, sandals, ballet flats, or high heels, you only need a quality white T-shirt. If your children are small, be a rebel and switch the classic white T-shirt with a black one. It is still a classic look, and if your kids stain your shirt while you’re out, it won’t be so visible.


Sneakers everywhere

There is the prejudice that you are not feminine enough in sneakers, and those sports sneakers are reserved for sports only. But for several years now, fashion bloggers and celebrities have been combining their pants, or women’s suits, with sneakers. And it looks great! They retained comfort, and at the same time, their sneakers did not deprive them of their femininity. If you ask us this is the right recipe for how to look casual.


Elegant pants and shirts

This is the combination you can wear from morning to evening. Every wardrobe should include one pair of elegant pants and a couple of silk shirts. On the evening out just bring your heels with you.

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