Steps for Moving Your Elderly Family Member Closer to You

There are many reasons people prefer to move an elderly family member closer. They might suffer from loneliness, need closer medical care, or you both simply miss each other. Whatever the reason, you will want to make the process as smooth as possible. The change is one that may come with heightened emotions and high costs. Having a plan is crucial and every plan should include these steps:

Decide What Sort of Home

The sort of home your family member moves into is entirely dependent on finances, their medical needs and their personal choice. Would they benefit from a care facility? Are they going to live with you? Before you can start looking for a new place, you must first determine the kind of housing they will live in.

Figure out the budget and choose accordingly. Make sure where they’re moving to has a friendly community and enough amenities close by. If they enjoy getting out and socializing, have a look for a place with lots of local cafes and community centers.

Organize Transport

The amount of planning needed for transport will depend on their medical needs and how far they have to go. A short car ride is much simpler than moving from state to state.

If they are moving from afar and they need medical care, then you should use medical emergency flights so that they are accompanied by a nurse while traveling. You should also book a moving van in advance so that you aren’t stressing out close to the moving date.

Choose What Goes with Them

Moving comes with a lot of baggage – literally! Over the years, they have probably accumulated lots of items, and not all of them will need to come with them. Of course, that decision is up to them, but offer to help them out with the clear out. After all, the move will be cheaper with fewer items. The amount they keep is dependent on the home they will be moving to, so if they are moving to somewhere larger, they don’t necessarily have to have a clear out (although it will help with the organizing!). Encourage them to keep items with sentimental value, as they will help them feel more at home once they move.

Figure Out What Happens to Their Old Home

If they were previously renting, then all that needs doing is a last clean once their belongings are out of there. It isn’t as simple if they own the place, however, as the decision of whether to sell, keep, or rent out will need taking into consideration.

Settling In

The move isn’t over once their items are at their new home. Settling in takes time and you should be a part of that. Visit them often, bring house-warming gifts and make sure that they enjoy their new abode. If any fixes need doing, then offer your help or look around for a professional. The goal is to make them as comfortable and happy as possible while they live closer to you.

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