Steer Clear of Predictable Baby Shower Gifts: Give These Instead!

Baby showers can be so predictable these days. Clothes, nappies, teddy bears – the gifts are always the same. Not only that, but all of the attention is on the soon-to-be-born baby rather than on the mom, who has carried that little one for months and is likely feeling exhausted and terrified all-in-one. Consider doing things a little bit differently at the next baby shower you attend with these amazing gift ideas for the expectant mommy!

Comfy essentials

Think memory foam slippers, a cozy dressing gown, and warm pajamas – basically anything and everything that is sure to bring a mother comfort when she needs it most during those first few weeks of bringing baby home. When you haven’t showered in days, those small little comforts will certainly make all the difference!


A beautiful jewelry keepsake is such a special gift to give the mum if she is a very close friend or relative. Orocal specialize in Alaska gold nugget jewelry, which is especially popular right now and is available in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, so there is something for everyone’s taste. While jewelry is undoubtedly a much pricier option than most traditional baby shower gifts, it is sure to mean the world.


Nine months without a glass of wine is a long time. Give the mom-to-be a gift or two that she can use and look forward to after the baby comes. If she isn’t into wine, a case of a delicious craft beer probably won’t go amiss either!

Pamper package

Regardless of whether she uses it leading up to the birth in an effort to ease those tired muscles and sore back or to calm her nerves and relax after the little one makes their appearance, a pamper package is sure to be a winner. Get creative with what you add to it. Bath salts, bubble bath, and lotion are all great choices, but you can also throw in a few unexpected extras like chocolates and perhaps a hand-written letter with words of encouragement. Include anything that you think will make her feel cared for and loved!

Gift card

Depending on the mom-to-be’s personality and preferences, a gift card is a great baby shower gift. If she enjoys visiting the spa and salon, get her a gift card for a mani-pedi. If she enjoys going out to eat, get her a gift card to her favorite restaurant.

Something special

There is no need to spend any money if you’re keen to give something from the heart. Why not compile a book of wise words or humorous pieces of advice from her friends and relatives that she can read through with a big smile on her face whenever the mood takes her? A special gift like this is sure to be one that she holds dear for many years to come.

So, get creative and go the extra mile. The mom-to-be is sure to thank you for it!

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