Six Items to Add to Your Spring Wardrobe

Slowly but surely spring time is approaching. At last, the dreary winter months will fade away and allow the sunshine to return. For the perfect look during this wonderful season, make sure you have these items in your wardrobe.

1.   Scarf

OK, winter might be over, but scarves are not exclusive to the colder seasons. Add a light, silk scarf to your accessory collection this year to bring some vintage chic into the mix. What’s great about these scarves is that they can be used for a multitude of things, a headband, for example.

They’re also good at adding a bit of colour to your outfit. There are plenty of different styles to choose from making it easy to find one that suits you best.

2.   Light Jacket

Soon the temperature will be on the rise and your winter coat will be too warm to wear. Prepare for the spring weather and get yourself a light jacket to walk around in. There’s nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty before you have arrived at your destination. Popular fashion trends for this season’s look are denim, duster jackets, fleeces and canvas materials. Although, don’t forget April showers- consider getting a stylish, lightweight raincoat for practicality while also staying on trend.

3.   Gilets

For a preppy, upmarket country style, think about adding a tweed gilet to your wardrobe this season. These items are perfect for spring clothing, and have a more refined look than your average body-warmer. If you like taking long strolls in the country, match one of these with a light jumper, jeans and knee-high boots for a sophisticated look.

4.   Tea Dress

For those who like a delicate look, the tea-dress is the ultimate choice. Another vintage inspired piece, there is something rather romantic about these dresses that is simply perfect for the spring/summer seasons. Great for both casual and smarter looks, it’s the versatile nature of this dress that keeps them a popular choice in fashion year in and year out. If you like to have a feminine touch to your style, then a tea dress is a necessity for you.

5.   Cardigan

Thick jumpers might be useful as alternatives to a light jacket, otherwise they are best put away for next winter. Cardigans are lighter and more flexible than jumpers, allowing you to unbutton the front if you start to feel too warm. The reason these items are great for the spring time is that they tend to be thinner than some sweaters, making them easier to wear under a light jacket.

6.   Ankle Boots

Although you may have worn these in winter, ankle boots are good choices of footwear for the spring, too. It isn’t as warm as the summer will be, and with the chance of there still being the occasional bit of rainfall, these boots are best equipped to keep your feet dry. They also look great with jeans and dresses alike.

Bring your wardrobe to life this spring with these six items.

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