Simple Yet Effective Tips To Spend Quality Time With Children

Children are an essential part of keeping the human race alive and yet they are often seen and not heard, or abused, and forced to survive in dire situations. The truth is children are the future but, to ensure that is a good future it’s essential to give children the best possible start in life.

This starts with taking them to a reputable early learning centre which will help them learn the skills they need. In fact, early learning is connected with better success in life.

However, while education and social skills are important, what many children really need is quality time with their parents. It’s this that helps them to become well-rounded individuals, capable of emphasizing with others and developing a positive attitude.

The good news is that you can spend quality time with your child, it’s simple:

Be There

When creating time to spend with children you need to make sure you are actually there, in the room with them physically and mentally. Children are surprisingly bright and will realize if you’re not really listening or are distracted.

When you create time to be with your child, put everything else aside and focus solely on your child. This is particularly relevant in the digital world where technology often gets in the way of quality time. Learn to switch it all off.

Make Time

Of course, the above is only useful if you spend time with your child. The best way to make sure you do this is to create a schedule. That means carving out at least thirty minutes of your day to sit with your child and do nothing but interact with them.

By creating a schedule your child knows when they get quality time with you and you know when you need to be available. It makes it easier to build that important bond between you and your child.

Listen To Them

As your child matures they will have their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings. You need to make sure that they can share them with you. Remind them daily that they are loved by you and that they can talk to you about anything without judgement.

If they do want to discuss anything then let them talk, listen, and pause before replying. Make sure you have taken the time to think about what has been said and respond positively.

Eat Together

There is nothing simpler than eating together as a family. Do it at the table and keep the television off. It encourages the family to talk and share quality time. Even if there is limited talking, the bond between you will be strengthened.

Create Habits

Habits don’t need to be complicated. You can read them a bedtime story or sit with them for a snack after school. It doesn’t matter what the event is, just repeat it every day. It creates time for you and your child and allows them the space to share things with you, when necessary.

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