Searching for the right rug!

A rug for all occasions!

I’ve recently been looking for a new rug for my son’s bedroom – he has his brother’s old one but it’s looking a bit tatty. I tend to think of this as something that is a bit of an expense for a decent one but had a browse of the Land of Rugs website and was really impressed to see the range of children’s rugs they have available and how affordable they are. I’m not sure I’m any closer to choosing but thought it might be fun to look at a few favourites, and think of some décor ideas they might inspire!

All Star Blue Kids Play Rug

I do love stars. Not to sound too ‘USA’ but stars and stripes are probably my two favourite things when it comes to kids’ clothes and décor. Sometimes they can be a bit full on, but I really love this. It’s available in pink and blue and just has a really whimsical feel to it which reminds me of an Oliver Jeffers book. I think this one is currently top of my list but am sure Dexter will want to go for something a bit more cartoony!

Football Pitch Play Rug

Dexter isn’t hugely into football but does like it, though I just thought this was really fun! If you do have a football crazy son but don’t want to deck your house out in their team colours and logo, this could be a great option – I love the idea of a rug doubling up as something they can play with!

HK 83 Rug Rainbow

Dexter is our ‘rainbow baby’. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it’s used to describe a baby born after a miscarriage – the idea being that they are the rainbow that comes after the rain. I have always loved the idea of getting a rainbow theme going in his room to reflect this, as well as just loving rainbow themed things anyway. I have a feeling this is one he would love for a while but might go off a bit as he got older though sadly – we should have got the theme going when he was younger!

Kids World Map Rug

Another piece of furnishing that is fun and functional – this is a perfect addition to a playroom, and could work in a bedroom too. I would love it to have bit more detail but love the idea, how fun for them to travel the world on their own floor!

Kids Jungle Playmat

I’m pretty sure this one would be Dexter’s favourite: he has always loved animals and used to spend hours looking at pictures of horses! I think he would especially love that is has a parrot on it as he adores them. This is a boy who asked for a parrot costume on his Christmas list, so I think this one could really be a winner!

What do you think? Which should I choose for Dexter’s room? I really feel spoilt for choice!

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