Safe and Adventurous Family Trips in the USA

Family getaways can be a fantastic experience to create memories, visit new unseen places, and escape from the stressful world back home. Bonding with siblings, children, or parents is a valuable occasion that should be cherished.

Time goes by fast, so why not spend it with the ones you love in an adventurous environment? These trips offer safe, yet enterprising activities for everyone. 

Orlando, Florida

Although many parents can be intimidated by the craze of theme parks combined with hot weather, Orlando is actually a very safe place to travel to. 

The famous Walt Disney World has the motto, “Happiest place on Earth” for a reason. This complex includes 4 major theme parks, themed hotels and resorts, two water parks, and more. Not only does it appeal to the younger generation, but there is also an abundance of all age attractions to release to “inner kid” in adults too. 

Not to mention, Universal Orlando is an excellent spot for any movie fanatics, superhero fans, or someone simply searching for a thrill. It holds some of the world’s most convoluted and advanced rides developed around Harry Potter, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Shrek, Men in Black, Despicable Me, and more. 

Washington, DC.

What better place to travel to than America’s capital? People take for granted America’s journey in establishing and growing into a well-developed country. Taking a trip to touch upon the history of the US is a beneficial and entertaining opportunity for families. 

Museums are an excellent way to be informed while enjoying all of its unique attributes and visuals. DC encompasses the National Air and Space Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Geographic Museum, Ford’s Theater, International Spy Museum, and countless more. 

Although the hotels in DC can be pricey, all of the activities are free. You can visit all of the parks, monuments, and tours for no cost, or for a minimal fee. This city’s beautiful landscape, architecture, and history calls for a safe getaway.

San Francisco, California

There is more to San Francisco than just expensive apartments and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking places to see. From Chinatown to Lombard Street, San Francisco is filled with a diversity of lively attractions that can meet all expectations of the family. 

One thing that cannot be skipped is Alcatraz. The former inescapable prison is known for holding some of the most devious criminals like Al Capone and Mickey Cohen. Its mysterious atmosphere and intriguing secrecy offer a chance to be hauntingly fascinated. 

Grand Canyon National Park

For the more risky, adventurous type, Grand Canyon is an incredible destination to explore new views. Its combination of geologic color and erosional forms a festoon of unforgettable sights. 

Grand Canyon’s overwhelming appearance cannot be overlooked. There are comfortable accommodations and alternative trails that are safe to hike for inexperienced tourists. But if you and your family are up for a challenging and more extended expedition, there are also more stringent options. 

New Orleans

New Orleans is known for being the birthplace of jazz and a great place to experience a new culture. A trip to this city would account for good music, energetic dancers, delicious food, and a few spooky stories for anyone up for the scare. 

Lively musicians and performers always bring a party to the scene and will have you on your toes for more excitement. Available almost all hours of the day, these people can make an enduring vacation for all ages. 

Not to mention, New Orleans holds numerous festivals each year,  including the infamous Mardi Gras extravaganza. While incorporating beads, parades, masks, and king cakes, this 2-week long celebration is a roaring occasion. 

Denver, Colorado

The “Mile High City” is by far one of the best places to visit before you die. Its architecture and landscape are different than you will ever see. Many coffee shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants, and cute stores fill its downtown. 

Families can walk to well-known sites like Denver Union Station, Coors Field, the Big Blue Bear, Larimer Square, and more. Every turn you take is a new unique asset, creating for fantastic photo opportunities. 

A benefit of traveling to Denver is the complete diversity in the environment. Downtown you find tall buildings, small streets, and crowds. But if you drive a little bit farther outside, you’ll see amazing boulders, mountains, and ginormous rocks. 

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater can hit all of your needs. You can hike easy trails, view incredible scenes, and learn a little about the history of this astounding area. One truly grand event to attend is a concert at the Red Rock Amphitheater. Although the tickets can be pricey, it’s worth every penny. 



Family togetherness on a trip creates memories that cannot be replaced. It can allow every member to have new experiences to open minds and genuinely appreciate life. Vacations cannot be taken for granted, jumping into it with a positive attitude can sometimes be the only option. 

Traveling is good for the soul, and spending it with your most loving peers has a significant impact. Increasing your knowledge of foods, cultures, people, and art while bonding with family is a beautiful, cherishable gift. 

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