Running a Charity Event: Top Tips

Running a Charity Event: Top Tips

A charity event is a great way to raise funds for a cause close to your heart. Whether you have been personally affected by a situation and have relied on the charity for support or wish to make a difference in your community, charity events are a great way to bring people together and raise cash for the most vulnerable in society.

You may wish to take it upon yourself to host your very own charity event; however, ensuring you have a clear strategy is vital for the plans to succeed. In this blog, we’re going to give you some helpful hints on running a charity event:

Set a budget

Due to the event being hosted in the name of a charity, you’re going to be relying heavily on donations and sponsorships to pay for the initial attributes to get plans off the ground. It may even be the case that you have to dip into your own pocket initially until the profits start rolling in to cover your expenses. With this in mind, you need to stick to a strict budget so that you don’t overspend. After all, it’s about making as much money as possible for the charity. When it comes to booking each aspect, choose a venue that is willing to offer their services for free or at a significantly reduced cost and hire volunteers who are happy to give up their time to become event staff or entertainment on the day.


Promotion is key when it comes to running a charity event – the more tickets you sell, the more money you’ll raise. There are many ways you can advertise your event; however, the most popular in the current day and age is social media. Not only can you reach thousands of individuals at one given time, but it is also completely free. In the weeks leading up to the event, posting updates on your progress with a unique hashtag will encourage attendees to do the same and create a buzz about the event. It’s also possible to attach a link for donations that can help raise additional funds.

You could also invest in eco friendly expo banners from Redbows to place in shops and venues around the local area and also at the event itself, which provides people with more information about the charity and the details of the event.

Ensure safety documentation is up to date

Running a charity event isn’t as simple as just turning up on the day – there are health and safety aspects that need to be considered in the weeks/months before the date. Risk assessments will need to be carried out with your traders and contractors, and all of the relevant insurances will need to be in place to ensure maximum health and safety is maintained at the event. If you’re in any doubt, it would be wise to speak to the local council, who will give you additional information and advice on the relevant steps.

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