Returning To Work: Here’s How To Update Your CV

Now that you have finally made a decision to go back to work after a long career-break, getting prepared is the next thing to do. Returning to work may not be as easy as some people think it would be. This is because a lot of things have already changed. It could be that you have got married and have kids. Or, you had been sick but are now healthy enough to go back to that 9-5 daily grind. These changes in your life can significantly impact the career options that you will have now. But, whatever career path you choose to take from now on, make sure your CV stands out. Of course, putting in outdated information in your CV is such a big no. So, how do you update your CV?


Review your personal profile.

Before crafting a new CV, take the time to review first your old CV. Then, from there try to evaluate whether some information are not relevant to the job you are applying for. Be extra careful about what you write in your personal profile. It’s because this will be the very first information that the hiring officer will see. So, your personal profile must be interesting enough for you to win that job interview. A poorly written personal profile could mean zero chances to be interviewed. A well-written personal profile will also pique the hiring officer’s desire to keep reading. As a result, he or she will be able to read further about your skill set and experiences. Thus, increasing your chances of getting hired.


Check your last ten years of employment.

Keep in mind that not all of your experiences must be written on your CV. Select only those that are relevant to the current job post that you want to earn. And, if you are still not sure which experience to include, you may sort it out. Include only those experiences that you have for the last ten years. But, if some experiences are relevant to your current job application include them even if they were more than a decade ago. In other words, you have to customize your employment history to ensure the hiring company sees only the kind of information that they need to know.


Don’t use generic CV.

Keep in mind that hiring officers can easily tell whether your CV is generic or not. So, you really have to take the time to restructure your CV. If you find it hard how and where to start don’t fret. You can find CV templates online that will help make it easier for you to craft a winning CV. But, remember that a CV template will just serve as a guide. This way, you can be assured that your CV format presents a modern look unlike what you had years ago.

The thought of returning to work could bring about excitement and anxiety at the same time. But, once you are assured that your CV has been crafted for success you greatly reduce the stress of going through all the processes of job application.




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