Renovate a Bathroom on a Budget with These 6 Tips

With spring in the air, our thoughts turn to cleaning and freshening our homes up. And for many, this might mean home renovations. If you’ve been thinking about making some changes to your bathroom, now might be the time. If your funds are limited, or if you’d simply like to think about being a bit eco-friendlier, here are six ideas to renovate a bathroom on a budget.

Budget Bathroom Ideas

  1. Don’t Use Too Many Tiles

Tiling is an expensive business, so think about limiting the amount you use. Also consider doing it yourself, rather than hiring a contractor to undertake the work. One ideas is to just have one horizontal strip of tiles along the wall and painting the rest of the surface. It’ll save money and also make more of a feature of the tiling itself.

  1. Think About Painting

You may have the budget to splash out on a wonderful suite from bathrooms Wolverhampton, or any other reputable supplier; however, you may not necessarily want to spend a fortune on giving the rest of the room a new look. Think about using paint to enhance your walls and window frames instead.

One word of caution is to work slowly, carefully and thoughtfully when painting a bathroom. You’ll also need to buy paint with a satin finish that repels moisture and mold. However, this can still work out as less of an expense than tiling can, and it is worth considering if you’d rather allocate your budget elsewhere.

  1. Budget Fixtures

For relatively small amounts of money, you can update your taps, lighting and towel rails. Replacing these can often be enough to make a big difference to how your bathroom looks. Look in scrap yards, builders supply merchants and discount plumbing outlets for fixtures that are in clearance, or at the end of a line, for extra discounts and savings.

  1. Clean Grouting

One very simple but effective way of giving your bathroom a quick makeover is to clean the grouting thoroughly. It’s amazing what this can do for the cleanliness and brightness of a room. Just giving it a gentle clean with something bleach based can be all it takes to give a bathroom an instantly updated look.

  1. Reline Your Bath

If you can’t afford a new suite and would rather spend money on fixtures instead, think about having your old bathtub or shower relined instead. This can be a cheaper alternative and can breathe new life into a tired looking suite. Remember to hire a professional to do it for you though, as it’s not a job that should be attempted by someone without the right level of skill and experience.

  1. Thrifty Fixtures

Don’t discount buying used bathroom furniture! Scouring online auction sites, charity shops and plumber’s or builder’s yards can often yield some unexpected, but really welcome, finds. What one person thinks is trash, might be something you love and want to restore to good use in your own home without having spent too much money. This might be the perfect solution if your home already has a vintage/retro theme going on.


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