Planning your glasses on a budget (how many pairs is the bare minimum?)

Living life on a budget is easy if your budget is massive. Living life on a budget gets that little bit harder when you have to limit your spending in the three and a half weeks leading up to payday each month. For glasses wearers who have limited funds, deciding how many pairs of glasses to own can be an expensive decision worth double checking.

An outdoors lifestyle

If you lead an outdoors lifestyle, you need to consider owning two pairs of glasses. One pair for indoor use as normal, and one pair to protect your eyes in the sunlight (get a new pair of sunglasses via the link). The explanation as to why you need prescription sunglasses to help protect your eyes comes down to the science behind UV rays.

UV stands for ultra violet. UV often gets described as the light we cannot see. But all light is invisible to us – it only becomes visible when it bounces off something (if light were visible, you wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face because light would be in the way!). UV isn’t visible even when it bounces off something. More than that, it’s dangerous to our eyes – and skin, for that matter – because it penetrates deep inside our cells, causing damage if we’re not careful.

That’s why glasses wearers should take advantage of prescription sunglasses and stay safe when leading an outdoors lifestyle.

A social lifestyle

Drinks after work? Taking an evening train to meet with friends? Heading out on a date this weekend? You need to look your best. That’s why people with an active social life should look into owning two pairs of glasses as a minimum. Think colourful frames (which colour palette matches your skin tone?). Think geometric shapes that can help to accentuate your face shape.

There is also another reason that people who lead active social lifestyles should consider purchasing two pairs of glasses. If you only rely on one pair of glasses, both for work and for socialising, you increase the chances of losing or damaging your glasses during those social activities. When you have a backup pair specifically for social use, you protect your main everyday pair against accidental loss or damage.

People who travel a lot

Some people like to get home from work and bolt the front door shut. The idea of travelling for fun seems as alien to them as the idea of quitting our jobs and running away to join the circus would be to most of us. But for the people who just can’t sit still, travelling presents a problem when it comes to eye glasses. Namely, how many pairs to take?

Again, the best suggestion is two pairs. One pair for the day time that could double up as night time frames if necessary, and one pair for the evening that could be used in the day. That way, you will be ready for anything, even accidental loss or damage to one pair.

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