Planning a Staycation in 2021

As we approach the warmer months, many are wondering about the prospects of a sunny summer holiday. While the world is slowly easing its lockdown restrictions, the idea of an overseas holiday is still an uncertain one. With that in mind, it can be sensible to aim for a staycation instead. Holidaying in your own country can be just as enjoyable as going to another one if you plan accordingly. Before are a few tips to get you started.

Select Your Destination(s)

Just because you’re staying local, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get excited about the destination. Whether you’re only travelling as far as the outskirts of your city or heading further afield across the country, choosing your destination wisely can make or break your holiday. If you have an area in mind, try narrowing down a few specifics that you’d like to include. This could be tours, famous walks, beaches, etc. The more specific you are about your destination, the easier it is to plan.

Establish a Budget

Staycations don’t always equate to less cost. In some cases, holidaying in your own country can end up being more expensive than if you travel somewhere else. Therefore, make sure you establish a budget for your staycation so that you’re not caught out. If you’re planning a series of small holidays throughout the year, you could even set an over-arching budget for all of them.

Act As If

If you’re used to jet-setting across the ocean to sunny, exotic places, you might be less excited about holidaying in your home country. However, vacations are as much about your mindset as they are about the place itself. Acting as if you’re going on your usual holiday can make your break equally, if not more, exciting than if you were going to the likes of Barbados. Remember, your own country is itself a tourist destination, so treating it as such will go a long way.

Plan for Mini-Breaks

While one long trip is often the most desirable, you could also plan for multiple mini-breaks instead. This allows you to look forward to more than one holiday over the coming months. It also creates the opportunity to see and do more things. If money allows, try to vary the holidays so that you’re getting a good mixture of city breaks and wild nature (if that’s your thing).

Don’t Forget Travel Accessories

Again, staying in your local city or country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like an exotic holiday. Sometimes the fun of a trip is buying new clothing and travel accessories. Shopping before your big trip can help put you in the holiday mindset, so if you’re in need of new travel gear or a fresh pair of sunglasses, sites like SEIKK will have you covered.


It might sound strange to pick up guidebooks for places you may already be familiar with. However, it’s likely that you don’t know everything about your hometown or country. Picking up a guidebook can also put you into the tourist mood, and it will give you plenty of ideas for places to venture to. A guidebook can also give you access to hidden haunts that you wouldn’t be able to find if you simply landed and explored on your own.


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