Personal Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Sometimes, buying a gift for the closest people in your life can be the hardest because you know exactly what they have already and are battling between funny, romantic, cute, or a combination of all three! If you’re bored of battling with the same debate for every occasion, then perhaps it’s time to choose a more personal gift. Here are some of the best personal gift ideas to buy your partner.

Photo Book

Since most of our photos are kept digitally these days, we often never look back on our good times unless we are searching for something specific. Try printing some of your favourite moments together in a photo book that can be easily picked up and enjoyed by your partner and anyone who visits your home. You might even start a trend of printing photos again, which is great to look back on in the future, especially if you have kids.

Pick on Their Hobby

Perhaps your partner is an avid golfer or they love their wine? Use their hobby to find them a gift that you know they will enjoy and is personal to them. There are gifts out there for pretty much any hobby that you can think of, so no matter how unique your partner might be, this one can be a great idea. If you are able to personalise the gift further by adding their name or quote that you both care about, you can consider this a definite win.

Get Them a Map

There are many different types of maps out there, such as a boring road map, but something super personal is a map of the city where you both met or a map of the stars on the night of your wedding. If you are avid travellers, why not create a map of where you have been together? This might bring back fond memories and can perhaps be paired with a photo book. Get one of these on to surprise your partner and give them a personal treat.

Monthly Subscription

If your partner has enough stuff and your home is full of plenty of clutter as it is, then you might want to consider a monthly subscription. This could be for anything from a fresh coffee delivery to a magazine subscription to their favourite online newspaper. These are both great ways of showing how you care and really know what they like.

Personalised Anything

You can almost personalise anything, from a star in the sky to a coffee cup, so pick something that your partner would like and get it personalised with their name, date of birth, or even star sign to show that your gift is one of a kind. Personalising something makes the receiver form a connection with it since it has been tailored to them and reminds them of the place, the person, or the experience in which the gift was given.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration for your partner’s gift which they can enjoy and treasure forever.

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