One Born Every Minute

I watched One Born Every Minute tonight and was crying before the credits had even finished. It’s been this way since having kids… actually since getting pregnant with Felix, now I come to think about it. I’ve always been one for crying at silly things, Rolf’s Pet Rescue, or whatever it was called, for example. Now though,it’s just ridiculous. Anything to do with babies will set me off. Baby Jake on CBeebies makes me cry because it’s just so very lovely. Oh and I cry at weddings too. Considering I am not a girly girl at all I was blubbing when one of my best friends Georgina walked down the aisle and saying to my husband ‘oh, she’s just so beautiful (sob sob)’. I attempt to hold it together sometimes but with people who know what I’m like I do tend to just let go (poor hubby). I really am a massive, massive wuss.

But the thing is, I don’t think it’s just me. Other Mums I know say they are the same. Why? Is it just from the responsibility of being a parent, and if so, why aren’t all Dads blubbering wrecks too? Is it another odd hormonal thing, completely beyond our control? Whatever it is, it is strange, and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

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