Moving to Another Apartment is Easy: just Follow these 5 Steps

Moving can be compared to a real disaster. After all, you need to collect all your things, not to break or lose anything. As usual, it turns out that there are not enough boxes, packages and plastic bags, in which you need to pack things. Also, the tools necessary for disassembling a piece of furniture, as well as the markers that you planned to sign packaged boxes with, disappear without a trace!

Make a list!

In order to save your strength, nerves and time, you need to thoroughly and extremely pedantically approach the problem of the organization of moving and packing things. If moving is aggravated by emergency circumstances that force you to take all the necessary actions in short time, still try to allocate at least 10 minutes to the compilation of two detailed lists. The first list should contain a list of all the things that you need to transport (dishes, clothes, equipment, etc.), and in the second one you need to write down all the things usually accompanying the move (finding a moving company, preparing documents, etc.).


Find the moving company

Try to choose only the firm, which services you or your friends once used. Read More Here: In addition, make sure that the employees of this company compiled a detailed inventory of the things they are transporting, the documents should be duly registered taking into account the liability of the carrier. Such measures will help you avoid material or moral costs, for example, if during the transportation any furniture will be broken. Also, find out if there are any loaders in the staff of your chosen company that will help you transfer the heaviest items to the car.

Get the boxes ready

In advance, stock up on items necessary for packing things, that is, cardboard boxes and plastic bags and packages (of different sizes), as well as special packing stretch film and sheets of cardboard, by which you will sandwich individual pieces of furniture (to avoid the formation of scuffs). Also, do not forget to purchase a few rolls of wide adhesive tape and markers. Be sure to decide which moving services you will use (if you do not have your truck).


Pack delicate things

It’s better to pack delicate things in several layers of paper or newspaper. Only after you finish packing all the delicate objects, you can proceed to put them into the boxes. Here you need to follow the well-known rule of thumb: to put heavier things down. A piece of clothing can be used as a cushioning layer between layers of fragile things, and the rest is better to place into separate large boxes. So it will be easier for you to unpack everything at a new place when you move all the property to the final destination.


Sign the boxes

Be sure to sign the boxes with different things to avoid confusion when unpacking them. Inscriptions made with a pencil or a piece of chalk on the inside of the furniture components will also save your time considerably. Try to pack all the necessary furniture accessories into individual signed boxes to avoid confusion in the subsequent assembly of chests of drawers, cabinets, etc. Mirrors, glass doors and shelves are best packed in a stretch-film or cardboard, then laid on a thick layer and carefully tightened with an adhesive tape.


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