Meaningful Gift Ideas Your Child’s Grandparents Will Love

Buying presents for your children’s grandparents can be tough, so we have picked out some amazing gifts that are so thoughtful that they are sure to be a hit. Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary or even a little gift to say that you and your children miss them if you haven’t been able to see them recently, here are some great present ideas for grandparents.


To put a twist on giving the grandparents one photo in a frame, why not use a multi photo frame? Using a multi photo frame can be a lovely way to give them so many memories in one piece. At sites like PicFrames, you can find custom made multi photo frames based around the exact number of photos you would like to add, the frame style, the mount, and even the glazing on the frame itself. You can pick a style that speaks to their personalities to make it really stand out in their home. Alternatively, why not put together a photo album or scrap book that they can treasure forever?

Family Tree Bracelet

Jewellery is an instant hit when it comes to gift giving, as it is something that can be treasured and kept forever. A gorgeous gift for the grandmother, in particular, is a family tree bracelet. You can choose silver or gold and also change the style of the bracelet to suit her. On each disc connected to the bracelet branch is the initial of a family member. This is such a lovely way for them to always feel close to their family.

Hug in a Box

This is the perfect gift for those who are self-isolating. A hug in a box will warm their hearts when they open it. You can buy some readymade that come with little gifts like a handmade crocheted heart and a personalised message to let them know it was from their family. They can also come with things like meaningful fridge magnets and wooden heart key rings. If you’re feeling creative, why not make one with the kids and add a few sweet treats in there for them to enjoy? There are so many gifts similar to this – some are for pampering; some are for movie nights. Have a look online and find the right box for the grandparents.


Another lovely gift idea is to give the grandparents a plant that they can watch grow, like a flower bush. When it starts to bloom, it will remind them of the family. You could even grow some plants with the kids and make cuttings for the grandparents, so you are all sharing from one plant. Another option is to get the kids to choose some flowers from your garden and make a little bouquet for them. They will love that it was handpicked and designed by their little loved ones. If you grow your own fruit and veg, perhaps gift them some of the produce you make too!

These gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful, the grandparents will be so overjoyed to receive any of them.

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