Luxurious Ways to Treat Yourself this Winter

While we’re desperate to hold onto the idea of summer, the cold days and dark evenings are certainly upon us once more. Autumn and winter can be depressing seasons for some as they miss the warmth, light and fun of the spring and summer months. However, winter needn’t be depressing. It can be a wonderful time of year, providing you look after yourself properly and treat yourself that little bit more than usual.

Read on for three luxurious ways to treat yourself this winter.


1: “Hygge” lifestyle

This lifestyle trend originates in Denmark. Pronounced Hyoo-gah, Hygge is becoming more popular around the globe and new people are catching onto it every year. The central premise of hygge is cosiness. It means the warm, happy feeling you tend to get when you’re snuggled up in front of the fire watching your favourite box-set, or when you’re in a warm pub after work, chatting with your friends and indulging in a hot toddy.

There are many examples and ideals of hygge, and achieving it is rather simple. Consider what makes you feel happy and warm, both on the inside and the outside. Perhaps treat yourself to some extra indulgences to help you on your way, such as a new blanket for the sofa or a hot water bottle for those chilly evenings. The Fur Hot Water Bottle Company is a great place to start for the latter.

In conclusion, think about what hygge means for you and make a list of ways to achieve more of it this winter.


2: Arrange social activities in advance

Once winter arrives, it’s sometimes tempting to stay in the house and not make plans. However, withdrawal and isolation can have a detrimental effect on both your mental and physical health. The key to avoiding this is to arrange social meetings and activities in advance. Have a look at your calendar now and contact some friends to book in some opportunities for fun and catching up. If you like shopping, arrange a trip to your local city. Alternatively, invite some friends over for dinner or a drink one evening. Treating yourself with things to look forward to – especially social activities – can really brighten up a winter.


3: Book a holiday in the sun

Working on being cosy at home and having lots of arrangements with friends are both great starts to treating yourself this winter. However, perhaps the most luxurious way you could indulge is to book yourself a sunshine holiday. Imagine skipping a few cold dark weeks in January or February to jet set off to a warm and exotic country. Have a look online (while on your sofa in front of the fire, of course), or visit a travel agent, to help you decide where you fancy going this winter.

Winter doesn’t have to be awful and depressing. With a bit of planning and the right number of luxurious treats for yourself, perhaps the colder months will turn into your favourite time of year.

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