Last-Minute Details You Can’t Forget for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a ton of work, and you just want every single detail to be perfect and goes according to your plan. As much as you try so hard to keep track of everything, there will still be chances that you’re going to miss out on some details because of the wedding jitters. 

For you not to freak out, here are the last-minute details you can’t forget about your wedding:  


  • Confirm with Your Vendors 


A week before your big day, confirm with your vendors about your wedding date and details, including if they have the right direction instructions and contact details. This will ensure that there’ll be no fuss with your wedding vendors on your big day.  


  • Wedding Bouquet 


As funny as it may seem, a lot of people forget about their wedding bouquet since they’re too pre-occupied with other bigger stuff for the wedding. Make sure that you prepare for your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well. 


  • Prepare Tip Envelopes 


After providing great service for your wedding, you’re probably going to tip your vendors. Since bringing out a checkbook or revealing your money sounds like a bad idea, you may want to prepare envelopes with their name on it along with the amount of tip you’re going to give.  

This can go well too when it comes to paying the final payments to your vendors. This will help you be more organized.


  • Have an Insurance Policy 


When it comes to paying your vendors, you should make them sign a note stating that they’ve received your payment. This will help to save you if a supplier denies the fact that you’ve made your full payment already. 


  • Bring Extra Cash 


We’ll never know any unexpected expenses there’ll be at the wedding. It could be a last-minute detail that you need to purchase or you want to tip someone you didn’t know would need tipping. It’s always a good idea to be ready with extra cash.  


  • Finalize Music Playlist 


This can be often forgotten as it seems to be a small part of the wedding or it could be something you thought could be done later but end up forgetting to do them.  

This will set the mood for your guest so it’s better to choose the right playlist. You could assign either party or jazz songs to your wedding reception as they wait for you to finish your photo-op. Also, you should be deciding the song for your first dance as a new couple and also for your first dance with your parents.  


  • Pack for Honeymoon  


After the wedding, you’ll go straight ahead to your honeymoon destination. But it would be exhausting and tiring to pack after your wedding. It might even remove you immediately from the wedding bliss if you’re too preoccupied with what you should bring and wear.  

It’s recommended that you pack your honeymoon stuff and clothes just before the wedding so you could fly off immediately without having to worry a thing.  


  • Finalize Timeline  


Everything has to be on time. You should be finalizing the time you wake up, get ready, and take pre-wedding photos. You should also consider your travel time to the venue and think about the possibilities of traffic.  

On your ceremony day, you shouldn’t be late as you have reserved a specific time slot and there could be another couple getting married after you. Let people around you know about the timeline and ask them to be on time as much as possible.  


  • Pick a Gift Caretaker 


Of course, after your wedding, you’ll be too occupied with your big day. You shouldn’t stress yourself too much and try to enjoy your day. After your wedding, assign someone to care for the gifts. You could provide them a spare key to your house so they could leave them there. So, make sure that it’s someone you truly trust.  


  • Eat Up  


During your big day, you’re most likely not to eat due to excitement and you just have too much to do. Don’t skip meals and try to eat as much as you can. It’s difficult to suddenly feel the urge to eat when you’re exchanging your vows.  

Along with this, you should also try to eat during your reception. You’ll probably be busy since a lot of people may want to talk and congratulate you. When you’re free, try to grab a bite and enjoy the day.  


There would come a day that you’ll forget a wedding detail and that’s normal. You simply cannot remember every single detail for a fact that it’s your first time planning a wedding. Remember that when it comes to planning your wedding, try to stick to your budget as you might be needing the extra cash for the married life! That additional expense might not be important after all.  

Pat yourself on the back for you did a job well done preparing a wedding all by yourself. Don’t forget to enjoy your special day and fill the room with love!  


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