Is it a Good Idea to Rescue a Dog if You Have a Child?

The number of people choosing to adopt a dog rather than buying one from a breeder is increasing each year. This is great news for the over 3 million dogs that enter shelters in the US each year.

The question is, is it great news for you and your family as well? A lot of people worry that dogs adopted from shelters will have personality problems, which will make them difficult to look after. This worry is exacerbated further if you have children. Is it safe to adopt a dog with children in the house?


You will have a better idea of the animal’s personality

If you were to buy a dog, you wouldn’t really have any idea of what kind of personality it will have until you have lived with it for a while. It’s entirely possible to buy a dog that isn’t great with children; they are animals, after all, with their own personalities.

If you rescue an animal, it will have been in the shelter for a period of time long enough for the shelter staff to get to know it. This means that they will be able to tell you about what kind of personality it has. Generally, you will be able to go into a shelter and tell them about your family situation, and they will be able to match you with a pet that is best suited for you.

It’s also a myth that all animals in shelters have behavioral problems. Of course, some do, but many animals have come from loving homes where there were well trained. Many owners end up giving up their pets due to financial or health reasons.

Your dog will be vaccinated and spayed or neutered

Getting a dog from a shelter also means that you have a guarantee that certain health checks and procedures will have been carried out. What happens after a dog arrives at the shelter?

  • A thorough health examination is carried out. This means that you will know if the dog has any underlying health conditions.
  • The dog will be vaccinated. This is essential as it stops the spread of disease in the kennel and also means that there’s one less thing for you to worry about after adoption.
  • The dog will be neutered or spayed unless it is very old, very young, or isn’t medically fit to undergo the procedure. This is an essential part of controlling animal populations and preventing further animals from coming into the shelter. Again, this means one less thing for you to worry about once you get the dog home.
  • Dogs at shelters are thoroughly groomed
  • An assessment of the dog’s behavior will be carried out. This means that the shelter is able to match dogs with the best owners to suit their temperament.


Only after these steps have been taken will the dog be put up for adoption.

You will need to introduce children and dogs carefully

Introducing a dog to a child needs to be approached with care. It’s essential that the dog feels safe and that interactions are supervised. This is true of both rescue dogs and dogs from breeders.

Adopting a dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, provided that the process is undertaken with care and consideration.



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