How Your Lifestyle and Habits Could Affect Your Kids

Although you might be used to living exactly how you want to, when you have kids, it is paramount that you put them first when it comes to the lifestyle you are leading and the habits you are instilling within them. This article will explore how your habits could affect the health and the future of your kids and what you can do to prevent this from happening.


Having a kid is the perfect opportunity to think about quitting smoking. Second-hand smoke in your house can cause respiratory problems for your children, and children are more likely to smoke when they get older if their parents do. However, it is not always easy to give up smoking, and if you are struggling to do this, you should consider switching to e-cigarettes by buying premium e-liquid from Ecigwizard. This will help you to meet your cravings while being less harmful to you and your kids.


Although you might like to enjoy a glass of wine each night or the occasional beer, drinking alcohol around your kids can increase the chance of them trying alcohol at a young age, especially if you leave it in an accessible place in your home. Then, you should always discuss the dangers of drinking with your kids and try to drink away from your kids where possible. You should also avoid encouraging them to drink.

Mental Health

If you are struggling with your mental health as a parent, your kids might have a

, and may also pick up on your stress and your behaviour when they are young. Then, it is important to get support for your mental health issues, such as stress, especially in terms of childcare, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and check on your kid’s mental health often. You should also make sure that your parenting is consistent and that you have an open discussion with them about your stress and mental health problems.


As your children grow up, they must get enough exercise every week. However, if you traditionally lead a sedentary lifestyle, this can make it difficult for your kids to stay active. Then, you should always make an effort to plan sports or activities that encourage your kids to get on their feet, enjoy exercise with them, take your kids on outdoor day trips, and get into a routine that includes a certain amount of exercise each day.

Healthy Eating

When your children are young, they will usually eat whatever you make for them, and so, even if you do not like them yourself, you must normalise eating healthy foods, like fruit and vegetables, at a young age. Even if they are picky eaters, you should make eating healthy foods fun, lead by example, and always make healthy foods available to them. You should also try to swap takeaways for home cooking and avoid fast food and other unhealthy easy eating options.

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