How to Stay Calm During These 4 Emergencies

The current state of the world right now means we’re all on high alert. There seem to be dangers lurking around every corner, from fires to crime, pandemics, to heatwaves. Mass media isn’t helping, and we’re all a little on edge.

It’s vital that, especially as a mum, we stay calm in any given situation. Getting stress raises the cortisol levels in our bodies, this stress hormone feeds off of sugar and activates the flight or fight response. While the flight or fight response can be useful for getting us out of immediate danger, it’s not known for helping make sensible decisions in stressful situations.

Here are four examples of stressful situations and how to deal with them as calmly as possible.

Boiler breakdown

A boiler breakdown can be an absolute nightmare. No one can shower, there’s no hot water, and in the middle of winter, this means no heating either. The crucial thing to do is figure out if it’s caused by a water leak. If so, shut off the water at the main tap and call a plumber. Most of us don’t have boiler insurance, so getting in touch with a plumber is a top priority. If you’re concerned about finances, this is a perfect situation to get a quick loan, either pay-day loans or logbook loans are great in these circumstances.

Road Traffic Emergency

Whether it’s you in a road traffic emergency or you witness an incident, it’s essential to remain calm and take decisive action. Fast action can save lives, but ill-thought-out actions can cost lives.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you are safe and don’t have any life-threatening injuries that require immediate attention. Once you are sure that you are OK, asses your surroundings, call the emergency services, and give as much detail as you can about to the incident location, how many people are involved, and what you think their state of injury may be. Next, find out if you can get other people to safety; this isn’t a time for heroics, but helping someone to the side of the road who might not be able to make it under their own steam can make all the difference.

Weather Emergencies

These types of emergencies are relatively rare in the UK, but, as we’ve seen with the recent floods, the weather is getting worse. You have a little time to plan for weather-related emergencies, but the most important thing is to take stock of your environment. Are you near water that’s likely to flood? Is your building able to withstand strong wind? If there is a repair that needs doing, do it sooner rather than later.

Carry an Emergency Kit

Carrying an emergency kit on your person, such as a small first aid in your handbag, and a bigger emergency kit including a more detailed first aid kit, torch, and other essential in your car, can help to mentally prepare for all kinds of situations that we may encounter.

A prepared mind is a calm mind.


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