How to Revamp Your Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps

We hardly think of our closet as much more than a place to hang out clothes, but we spend several per hours cooped up in that tiny space figuring out outfits, messing up and restacking piles of jeans, putting folded laundry away, and much more. Your closet is your safe space—your mini-mall you visit every morning and every night. But what’s really in your closet? If you’re the type to hold on to pieces that you bought years ago because they still have price tags on them, it’s time to think about a total revamp. Think about it, you didn’t wear those snake print leggings for a reason, so why are you hanging on to them? Make this year, this month, or this week about revamping your wardrobe into something you’re proud of and a place that exudes effortless style and class. How? Follow these 5 steps for a total wardrobe refresh.


  1. Declutter

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a full walk-in or have a single bedside rack and a couple dressers full of clothing, it’s that fullness that could be your problem. Baggage comes in many forms, and yours may be the piles of clothes from 2014 hanging untouched on your racks. Go total Marie Kondo on your wardrobe and ask yourself the following questions when surveying each piece of clothing:

  • When’s the last time I wore this piece?
  • When’s the next time I could see myself wearing this piece?
  • How old is this piece? Are there visible signs of age (pilling, stretched seams, shrinkage)?
  • Does it fit?
  • What can I wear this piece with? Is it easily paired with the rest of my wardrobe?

You may find that a lot of those dainty dresses have shrunk in the wash and are far better suited for a child now. Head to your local thrift store or clothing exchange shop to get those cute but useless pieces off your hands.


  1. Identify your staple items

Anyone can look at 25 different colored and different styled tops and think “I need all of these, they’re all different.” And as true as that may be, there’s only so many plain tops a girl really needs. Pin down your absolute essentials that are work and play appropriate and build from there.


  1. Chuck old styles

Zebra-patterned chiffon collared tanks don’t carry the same vintage power as an 80’s Louis Vuitton bag, so don’t hold it to that standard. Though we see every day that styles from the past come back like a blast from the past, there are certain styles (bubble dresses, we’re talking about you!) that have no place in the future. Donate anything that you just can’t see yourself wearing ever again—you’ll be glad to have those nasty reminders of dark fashion days out of your new and improved closet space.


  1. Organize your shoe game

Think of your shoe collection as a wardrobe of its own. A shoe can be the defining piece of an outfit or the glue that connects the entire outfit together. Organize your shoes into categories—work, nights out, exercise, and casual. Breaking it down this way will give you a better idea of how to pair your shoes with outfits, and which shoes to ditch completely. Simplicity is key, after all, so hang on to those pairs of women’s ballet flats or black ankle boots! We won’t knock an impressive shoe collection, but be sure each and every pair of shoes flooding your closet space has a purpose and an outfit to go with.


  1. Up your accessory game

Feeling bored with your outfits? If you’re looking to make the most of the wardrobe you have without any shopping trips, you can spice up your closet by adding cute pieces of jewelry, beautifully patterned totes, or fun belts. The greatest part about accessories is that they’re usually small (perfect for saving space), and inexpensive (for the most part!). Local mall favorites like Forever 21 and Zara are stocked up with inexpensive accessories that can turn a drab outfit into a Vogue-ready ensemble.


A refreshed and decluttered closet is only a few steps away. Take the time throughout the year to maintain your closet, chuck old pieces, and make room for new ones down the road!

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