How to Refresh and Declutter Your Wardrobe

The saying goes that if you organise your home and office space and avoid clutter, your thought processes mimic the organisation and you will feel less stressed. This can certainly hold true in the case of a busy mum. Imagine everything has a place and everything is in said place – now imagine how much easier it would be to get your kids or family out the door and to school and work on time each morning.

The organisation, however, has to start in your personal space first – your bedroom, your room of comfort, peace and solace. Start organising within your own room and carry on the cleaning trend in each room every day until your entire home is organised.

The Three Piles of Clarity

Before organising your room, start with your wardrobe. If you need a larger wardrobe or an updated look and feel, take a look at Luluna for ideas on the perfect wardrobe to suit your style and needs.

Take each section of the wardrobe and go through it, section by section, by creating three piles on the floor or bed to sort through. The three piles should be organised by ‘Keep Pile’, ‘Donate Pile’ and ‘Trash Pile’. The keep pile is for the things you absolutely cannot live without, the donate pile is for items you no longer need or want, and the trash pile is for the things that should have been disposed of a while ago.

Ask yourself with each item if you need or want the item. Sentimentality may hold you back, but try and be strict on yourself so that you can organise and declutter better.

Practical Storage Solutions

If you find that you need compartments or storage containers to keep your items organised and easy to see or find, do not break the bank and go out to buy things that will end up in the donation pile down the line. At first, it may be a good idea to use shoe boxes or plastic containers to sort and organise your belongings.

If you find that you prefer keeping the boxes and containers as opposed to spending money on new storage solutions, you could consider spray painting all your boxes the same colour.

Once you have sorted out the wardrobe space completely and want to buy storage containers, take stock of how many you will need and the sizes that you will need. This will make your shopping trip for storage quick and easy.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour

After decluttering and organising your room, you will most likely have found items you had forgotten about or simply could not find. Knowing exactly where everything is will make getting ready a breeze and fun too! Rope your kids and partner in when organising to show them how to do their own spaces and see how much more efficient your family will become.

Do the big cleanout annually to keep the mess to a minimum, and once your entire home has been organised, your entire family will feel just as light and organised as you do.

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