How to Prioritize Taking Care of Your Own Body

Life isn’t easy and often leads us down paths that are difficult to navigate with problems that are tough to solve but humans are resilient creatures that often shine bright in the face of these situations. There are certain things we can do to prepare for the trials of life and the main one is looking after ourselves. Taking care of our bodies isn’t just about getting 8 hours of sleep every night and eating 3 times a day, there’s plenty more to consider. But how do we prioritize taking care of our body? 

Physical Health

There are links to every other aspect of our health that stem from our physical health. Staying active and keeping excess weight off is the first step to being able to truly care for ourselves. Steering clear from disease is a priority if we want to live a long and fulfilling life and the most positive way that’s possible is by maintaining decent physical health. They say 30 minutes of exercise a day will suffice in which raising your heart rate to a higher vo2 zone for the duration is key. However, if you want to exercise more then it’s not going to do any damage, just remember to have sufficient rest time for your muscles to repair and recover. 

Raising your heart rate can be done in several ways so finding a form of exercise that you enjoy will be imperative to you continuing and remaining healthy. Yoga is a brilliant alternative, as is walking and playing golf. 

Dental Health

The smile is a gateway, it can either invite people in or turn them away. Not only this but our dental health is hugely important and can affect our confidence and want to talk with others. Low confidence can often lead to mental health problems so it’s all linked somewhere down the line. 

Some are lucky enough to enjoy perfectly straight teeth and a low chance of mouth disease but others aren’t so lucky. There are other ways in which you can raise your dental health game, you can read more here to find out what can be done to raise your confidence and finally let out a smile. You no longer have to feel negative about what your smile says about you because it will be perfect and inviting. 

Mental Health

Mental health is something that has become far more prominent in recent years and it can be attributed to several different factors. Social media is a forum in which people showcase their perfect lives and many compare themselves to celebrities and influencers. Jobs are becoming more demanding and inflation is making it difficult for many to afford living accommodation and in some cases, healthy food. 

Mental health is linked to physical health and vice-versa. We often struggle to exercise if we are feeling depressed or anxious and one of the best aids for mental health is exercise. It’s a vicious circle if you ever feel trapped between the two. 

Counselling and other forms of therapy are an incredible way to help our mental health, even if we don’t consider ourselves to be seriously affected. Writing a journal and keeping track of how we are feeling is another way to maintain a healthy balance. 

Healthy Diet

You are what you eat, a famous saying known by many and it has many truths in favor of it. We can exercise for 4 hours a day, visit the dentist every 2 months and have regular counselling sessions but if our diet is poor then it’s going to affect everything else. Food is fuel and we need to make sure it’s of high quality for the majority of the week (cheat days are allowed). Ensuring we get the right amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fats, proteins and carbs is essential for a healthy life. A balanced diet containing at least 5 fruit and vegetables per day (the more colour the better), whole grain carbohydrates and some forms of protein will give you a much better foundation to work from. Not only that but you’ll have far more energy, sleep will become a doddle, and the smaller things in life will become much easier. 

Self Care Tips

Now the foundations are out of the way we can focus quickly on some tips for really great self-care. It doesn’t just mean eat well, go to the doctor, the dentist, and any other appointment you’ve made, but instead, it’s about making yourself feel good in other ways too. 

Taking a break now and then is no bad thing, having time to reflect on yourself and what you’ve been up to is important and will help you process things in your life. 

Visit friends, there’s nothing more wholesome than sitting with your loved ones having a good time. Many forget this is an option with their hectic lives. 

Have a holiday, whether it’s local or abroad, get out of your daily routine and shake things up a little. It’s a brilliant way to reset your servers and prepare you for another year. 

There aren’t many people on the planet that truly understand how to prioritize themselves and that’s because it’s seen as a selfish thing to do. Whilst it’s important to understand the situations where we shouldn’t be thinking of ourselves, taking time for genuine care is important and will help us live a long and healthy life. Take a break today and see how you can help yourself. 

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