How To Prepare Your Home For A Potential Christmas Lockdown

With the number of COVID-19 cases on the rise again in the UK, and the government deciding to introduce a new tier-based system, many people have been left concerned that they could be locked down over the Christmas period.

While nobody can know for sure what will actually happen, we thought we’d compile a helpful guide to ensure you’re well equipped just in case.

From investing in at-home sports equipment early to making sure you’re well stocked up on jigsaw puzzles, join us as we run through some of the best ways to prepare your home in advance of a potential Christmas lockdown.


Set Up Your At-Home Work Area

In light of the recent government announcements, more and more workers are now needing to work from home again, to halt the spread of the virus.

Therefore, while you may have only just got rid of it, you will need to have an area of your home set up for you to work productively in – whether that be a desk in your living room or a full-on home office.

When setting up this work area, try to avoid the bedroom if you can. Psychologically speaking, your brain needs to be able to distinguish between work-you and non-work-you. Otherwise, you could find your mental health, productivity and sleep suffer as a result.


Think About Your Fitness

If the last lockdown was anything to go by, where hour-long periods of exercise were encouraged, you probably won’t need to stay indoors 24/7.

That said, if you can exercise indoors then you should, since this will lower the likelihood of you coming into contact with – or unintentionally exposing yourself to – the deadly virus.

Depending on your budget and the sports you’re into, there are several at-home exercise solutions to think about. If you are keen to keep your golf game on point, for example, investing in a golf simulator system will give you the feeling of being on the course from the comfort of your living room while also doubling up as a cinema.

Whereas, if you’re more into yoga or Pilates, there are several great DVD tutorials to utilise alongside the relevant equipment like yoga mats and core balance rollers.


Prepare For Your Newfound Downtime

With all the fun activities you’d normally do temporarily off the table, or more confusingly restricted than they were before, it’s important to think of how you’d like to spend your new-found downtime.

Whether it be through completing jigsaw puzzles, reading books, catching up on TV shows, watching films, learning a language, playing an instrument or baking all sorts of treats, there are a plethora of ways to keep yourself mentally stimulated.

It’s also particularly from a mental perspective as well, since cabin fever and feelings of anxiety can set in if you start to lose track of your time and set goals for yourself to achieve.


Think About Who To Spend It With

The first lockdown was unprecedented and came around quite suddenly. However, this time around, you have the added ‘luxury’ of being able to prepare in advance – setting up a plan for who and where you’d like to spend it.

After all, millions of people will have gone through the previous lockdown entirely by themselves and will be keen to avoid that happening again. Therefore, to avoid this from happening, start asking around now and form a plan to use should a second lockdown actually happen.

Whether you decide to move back into your family home or share with a few friends for the duration of it, it’s up to you how and where you spend your time avoiding the virus. 


Final Thoughts…

While nobody can know for sure what will happen this side of Christmas, there is certainly no harm in preparing yourself for the worst just in case.

However, the most important thing to remember is that safety should be your first and only priority. So, with any plan you come up with, keeping yourself and your loved ones safe should be at its very heart. 

The activities and work-related stuff you decide to do can then fit around that, in whichever way suits best.


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