How to prepare family life for Autumn in 5 easy steps

Autumn is here! It’s completely natural to be in mourning for the end of summer – afterall, it always goes so quickly – however this season is always bursting with beauty, colour, fun and of course the anticipation of Halloween, Bonfire night and dare I say it…Christmas is coming…

Autumn is also a busy month, with lots of things to sort, prepare and put to bed for another year – I’m looking at you, BBQ. So, here you’ll find a list of 5 helpful yet simple ways you can prepare your family life for the month ahead.

Take a look at your finances

Summer holidays, days out, ice creams and treats in the sunshine, they all take their toll on our bank accounts, so if you haven’t already, take a look at your finances and see where you stand. If you have debts (let’s face it, who doesn’t) then take this new season as an opportunity to take control of them and get them sorted. If you’re looking for ways you can save money, then consider budgeting everything from your clothing allowance to your family’s weekly meals, you can even use a budget calculator like this one, to help you. If you start being careful now, then by the time Christmas comes around then you should have a little more breathing room.


Autumn means darker evenings, and it’s amazing how quickly this happens! You’re going to need a little more light in your home, so focus on the areas that need a little boost. Add a standing lamp, or some pretty fairy lights for a real cosy feel. LED candles are also a nice – and much safer – touch.

Clear the garden

Didn’t we have some glorious weather this year? Undoubtedly you spent a lot of time in your outdoor space! So, now is the time to put everything to bed. From the family BBQ, to the garden furniture and of course the kids outdoor toys. Doing this now, means you won’t have to rush out in your dressing gown during a storm to save the kids bikes. It also preserves these items for next year and will save you the financial burden or having to buy more.

Switch out those summer clothes for autumn ones!

I LOVE an autumnal wardrobe. Chunky knits, scarves, skirts and dresses with thick colourful tights, cute ankle boots and gorgeous long line coats. Although it might be cool in the mornings, at this early stage of Autumn, it can often be quite warm by the afternoon! So, keep back a few t-shirts and lighter tops that you can wear under jumpers. Layering is your best friend!

Have something to look forward to

Having something in your calendar to count down to is great for your mental health, especially when the days are shorter and the nights, longer. It gives you a goal, and something to plan and arrange and look forward to! Consider a weekend away, a Halloween party for family and friends, or just the chance to make hot chocolates with the kids. Plan it and look forward to it.

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