How to Plan a UK Getaway for the Whole Family

Family holidays can seem stressful to parents. There is a lot to account for, such as getting from A to B, ensuring everything is packed, accommodation is booked, and children are happy. It all sounds daunting, but the following guide can help keep your anxieties at bay.

When is the best time to travel?

You have to work around school holidays, of course, but when it comes to the physical travelling, it’s wise to make an early start. Why? The school holidays are busy times for everyone and waking up early can mean avoiding unnecessary traffic.

It is wise to avoid waking up the children until you are ready to leave the home. You should first wake up to pack the car and then wake up your children, buckle them in, and then set off. Aim to set off before 7am.

Of course, you could pack the car the night before, but that can cause security issues. However, do plan what will be in the boot of the car and what will be with your children if they wake up and look for their toys. Keeping your kids entertained can be hard work, but it isn’t impossible.

Planning your route

Sat Navs are not always reliable, and neither do they always tell you the quickest route if you are driving cross country. Always look up the route the night before so that you know the rough directions to your destination; you could also print off a map just in case.

Do remember, though, that Sat Navs are great and can help detect traffic build-up. You could also use apps like Waze, which gives you live road alerts such as any broken-down vehicles that may cause issues to your journey.

Alternative travel options

Travelling to the likes of London or another big city can mean abandoning your family car for an easier, more direct transport option. There are many coaches to London, making your family trip to the capital less stressful – simply sit back and keep the kids entertained. You don’t have to worry about trying to find parking, either. With a coach hire London company, all your problems will be solved.

What to do once you’ve arrived

Travelling, no matter the length of journey, can be tiring for all members of the family. While you may be eager to get exploring, it is smart not to book the family into a bunch of activities straight away.

Take some time for yourself when you arrive. Have the kids unpack and then relax; depending on where you are on holiday, it could be in the hotel, in the Airbnb or a recreational area if your accommodation has one.

Once everyone has settled, it’s time to explore. Ideally, you would have booked certain activities beforehand, such as any theme parks or museums (for early admittance). However, if not, look up nearby family-friendly places.

In London, for example, you can visit museums, galleries and parks. Depending on the time of year, there may be special events happening, too.

Getting home

We never want our holidays to end, but sadly they eventually do, and we have to try and get home. Of course, if you travelled by coach, you would have a return ticket – all you have to do is ensure you’re at the stop on time. Ensure you have packed the night before so that no one is rushing in the morning.

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