How to Modernise Your Home’s Décor

Modernising home décor can be both satisfying and enlightening. As you try to update your property to keep up with modern trends, you realise there is so much you could do to make your house look unique from the inside. If you are fashion-conscious, you most probably have good home décor taste. If not, you can always create an inclination for it, provided you are willing to invest effort and time into the process. Regardless, the following tips on how to modernise your home’s décor shall help you make your otherwise outdated space look modern and trendy again.


Get Rid of the Earth Tones

If you decorated your house during the 2000s, your space invariably is predominantly filled with earth tones. Though there is nothing wrong with “earthy” colour schemes, move on if you’re no longer attached to that style. This doesn’t mean you have to use grey throughout your house. You should certainly incorporate some cooler, lighter tones into your décor wherever possible, but do this in stages. Do not do a complete overhaul right away, because a change in décor takes time to perfect.


Add Metals

Mixing in metals would keep things interesting. Also, it is a lot more modern compared to having identical finishes throughout. Chrome fixtures and shiny brass are making way for matte gold, matte black, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. However, any metal would look great provided it goes with the overall style aesthetic of your house and décor.


Paint Those Wood-Stained Cabinets

If there is wood-stained moulding in your house, paint it soft white. This step alone could truly modernise your space. Original woodwork with a stained medium brown hue no doubt looks gorgeous, but it’s also dark. A white paint job brightens things up considerably. The cabinets need not always be painted in pure white. The colour could even be grey, off-white, black, navy blue, and so on. There are virtually endless possibilities.


Do Not Be Intimidated by Colour

Don’t let colours intimidate you. Modern home décor trends no doubt gravitate toward neutrals. Though neutrals are great, a dash of colour here and there will truly make your house your own. Even if you have used multiple neutral hues in your space, especially for foundation segments that you would not change to fit in with the next trend taking off, you can always incorporate colour with your accessories and furniture, such as Miami modern furniture. In short, if you are picking an item that you would most probably not change for the next five years, choose a colour that you will not tire of.


Use Layering and Texture

Layering helps add interest and dimension to a room. You can add a bed tray and throw to your existing bed or make a coffee table vignette. Similar to layering jewellery, home décor accessories layering can be quite fun – just don’t overdo things. Another important detail you shouldn’t overlook is texture usage. A room that has zero textures would look flat. Therefore, consider adding fabrics such as linen, raw silk, burlap – anything with a solid texture that would help add dimensions to your home décor.

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