How to Make Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments Less Painful

Laser hair removal can be one of the best options available for removing unwanted hair on your face, legs, back or other areas. It is a long-lasting option which uses targeted lasers to kill the hair at the root so that it will not grow back.

However some people, especially those with sensitive skin, find laser hair removal to be uncomfortable or painful. The lasers can cause the skin to get quite hot and can cause pain and irritation. This pain can discourage you from attending your laser treatments, which will mean that you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of silky smooth hairless skin.

There are some things that you can do to make your treatment less painful. If you are planning on undergoing a laser hair removal treatment, here are some tips for reducing the amount of pain you will experience during the procedure:

• First of all, talk to the professional who will be performing the laser hair removal for a recommendation of the best plan to manage your discomfort. Make sure you are choosing a high quality professional with the most modern equipment and the appropriate qualifications. You can read reviews from previous clients to verify the quality of their service as well as their pain management methods.
• You might want to consider using a Numbing Cream. Many hair removal specialists will also sell Numbing Cream which is a product that temporarily numbs your skin so that you will not feel the pain of the laser hair removal treatment. It will not completely numb your skin but it will make the treatment more bearable. Be careful when using numbing cream, it should be applied by a professional in a controlled manner because using too much can cause it to enter the bloodstream and cause severe complications.
• You can also take an Ibuprofen tablet before the laser hair removal treatment. These pain-killers also reduce inflammation so they will help your skin deal with the treatment. Make sure that you take the pill at least 30-45 minutes before your procedure so that you will give it enough time to kick in.
• If you are a woman, avoid undergoing laser hair removal while you are premenstrual or on your period. During this time of the month you will have a lot of hormones flooding through your body which will lower your tolerance for pain. Ideally the second week of your cycle is the best time to schedule a laser hair removal treatment.
• Breathe deeply and stay as relaxed and stress free as possible, which will help you to psychologically manage the pain. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before your procedure and avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine. Getting a laser hair removal treatment with a hangover will be incredibly painful because not only will your body be naturally more prone to inflammation, your pain receptors will be higher due to your fatigue and dehydration.
• After you have your laser hair removal treatment, avoid tanning beds and wear sunscreen when you are outside. If the sensitive skin burns it will be even more painful. Keep your skin protected for as long as your professional hair removal consultant advises.

These are just a few methods for reducing the pain of laser hair removal treatments. Of course, each person is different and some methods will be more effective than others for your particular skin type and pain receptors. With a little bit of preparation you can go into your laser hair removal treatment knowing that you will experience as little pain as possible.

Written on behalf of Tria Beauty laser hair removal.

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