How to Make Your Baby as Happy as Possible

Looking after a baby is a lot of responsibility. On top of making sure your baby is healthy and safe, you also have to figure out how to make them happy. Doing so isn’t always simple, as a baby can’t tell you if they like or dislike something. Luckily, most babies are the same when it comes to the kind of comforts they want. For a happy, healthy, bouncy baby, read on.

Establish a Good Sleeping Routine

A well-rested baby is a happy baby – and a happy parent! Establishing a good sleeping pattern early on is crucial, as your little one will learn when to sleep. To make matters easier, ensure your baby’s sleeping area is very safe and comfortable. A firm, flat mattress free of any type of clutter, including soft toys, is best for your baby. Presley Couture has baby swaddles that mimic the feeling of being in the womb, too, which is a comfort for newborns and will help them relax and sleep. 

Give Baby Lots of Play Time

So, your baby is sorted during nap time, but what about during the day? For a baby to develop into a happy and healthy toddler, they must enjoy lots of playtime during their early months. Read to them, play peekaboo, and show your baby interesting objects to stimulate their curiosity and keep them entertained.

Don’t Ignore Crying 

Ignoring cries doesn’t develop a well-adjusted baby. Instead, it increases the stress hormone cortisol, which can impair cognitive development. Plus, a crying baby certainly isn’t a happy one. Get into the habit of tending to your little one as often as you can when they are crying to make sure they are safe, comfortable, and happy. Even if all their basic needs are met, they might just need a cuddle from their parent.

Invite the Family Around

You might want to keep your baby away from anyone but close family members in the early days, and that is understandable. Over time, though, it will do you and your baby good to invite more family around. That way, they can start bonding with the people who will be in their life. Plus, it gives them even more playtime, which is always good for the baby!

Prioritize Comfort

A baby’s needs aren’t as extensive as adults’. They don’t need a big social life or life goals. Instead, babies are simply happy when they are entertained, safe, and comforted. To make your baby as happy as possible, prioritize comfort in every area of their life, from their cot to where they eat.

Get to Know Baby’s Body Language

Babies can’t use words to let you know when they’re tired, hungry, or need their diaper changing. For this reason, you should start getting to know their body language and what it means. As a parent, this will likely happen naturally, but pay special attention to the sound of their cries and facial expressions to get to know your baby’s moods quicker.

Provide Lots and Lots of Attention

A happy baby is one that receives lots and lots of attention. Even on the days you feel tired and stressed, be sure to spend quality, relaxed time with your bundle of joy. Not only will it boost your baby’s mood, but it will also help you bond more.

Get Outside

Your baby might not be able to run around or play in the grass just yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from getting outside! Take frequent walks with the stroller to show your little one the outside world. Walk to the park, the local store, through the nearby town to give your baby some much-needed fresh air and sunlight.

Keep Yourself Happy

More often than not, a happy baby is one that has happy caregivers. If you are content, chances are your baby is, too. Of course, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Caring for a newborn is anything but simple, as you have so much on your plate. You have to change diapers, frequently get up in the night, deal with loud crying, make sure the baby is well-fed, and so on. Some parents even have to work on top of all of that.

That doesn’t mean you can’t stay positive. Find ways to keep yourself stress-free by enjoying gentle hobbies and reaching out for help when you need it. Reading is a good hobby to take up when you have a baby, as it is relaxing and you can do it while the baby sleeps.

A parent’s goal is to keep their baby as happy as possible. With the advice in this list, your baby will have a far more enjoyable first few years.

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