How to Make the Most of Your Brows

Brows have catapulted into the beauty industry’s focus over the last decade, and long gone are the pencil thin brows of the nineties. Now, brows are praised for being full and shaped, healthy looking and a way to frame the face. For those who have sparse brows, or for those who are curious on how to maintain healthy brows, read ahead for useful advice.

Don’t Over Pluck at Home

The biggest regret many women have about their brows is over plucking them and not being able to grow them back. The result is sparse, patchy haired brows which many can feel self-conscious about later in life. The trick is to have a light hand when shaping your own brows at home, and leave the riskier practices to a professional.

Go to a Professional Salon

For treatments and practices that require expertise and a professional hand, it is always best to trust a trained individual to provide a service. Microblading, where small incisions are made in the brow and filled with dye to create a natural looking fuller brow, is one of these practices where you should head to a beauty salon. Waxing and threading always look best when done by those with experience, like Utopia beauty salon, which is known for creating high-definition brows.

Choose a Natural Colour to Tint Them…

Another common blunder when it comes to brows is choosing an unflattering colour when attempting to tint them. Many women find that dying their brows can make the hair more visible and the eyebrows look fuller. Others may find that after they change their hair colour, they want their brows to match for a more cohesive look overall. There are often cases, however, where people are left with severely mismatching brows to their hair colour, unnatural blackened brows, or in cases where the brows are bleached, a dreaded orange colour where it should be blonde. You should be careful not to damage your brows with bleach or colour, and always do a patch test to prevent a negative reaction.

… And Make Sure Your Makeup Matches!

If you have changed the colour of your brows, you will need to alter your shade of makeup to match it. Experiment a little with different shades to find what works best for you, and make sure you look at them in natural lighting and take pictures to check how they genuinely look. There are lots of products you can use to enhance your brows, including temporary tints, gels, powders and pens. You can also use oils like castor oil to encourage healthy and soft brows naturally, which will also set them in place if you use a brow brush to apply the oil.

Brows are a focal point of the face, which can make a real difference to the shaping of your features. If you are excited to change up your brows, or want to see them more sculpted and fuller-looking, try out some of these methods to get gorgeous brows in no time!

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