How To Make The Dad In Your Life Feel Special: Gifts For Dad

Whether your dad’s birthday is approaching or you’re planning ahead for Father’s Day, you’ll want to make sure that he truly knows how loved he is. Dads are amazing- and they deserve the best gifts to say thank you for everything they’ve done for you. If you’re short on ideas, then here are some great gift ideas for your dad:

A Beer Subscription

Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on going, and we don’t think there’s anything that a man would love more than a monthly selection of new beers to try out. The price of a beer subscription can vary from around £15-£25 per month depending on how many beers you want to try out, and can be made cheaper if you commit to an annual subscription.

His Signature Fragrance

Pretty much every dad out there has their own signature, timeless fragrance that they’ve probably worn for years. If it’s a yearly tradition to buy your dad a new bottle of his favourite eau de toilette for men, then it’s worth knowing about the online perfume price comparison shop, Mens Fragrance.

Did you know that the same brand of perfume of the exact same size is sold for different prices depending on what shop you go to? Mens Fragrance will find the cheapest prices online so you don’t have to, meaning that you’ll always be getting the best deal possible. Start comparing prices today at

An Experience Or Daytrip

Lockdown has definitely caused some cabin fever in all of us, so now that the rules and restrictions are beginning to lift, why not book your dad the experience of a lifetime? From go-karting to archery lessons, skydiving and wine tasting, there is bound to be an experience that your dad will love.

The great thing about experiences is that you have the chance to get involved as well, so this gift gives you a great opportunity to have some quality bonding time with your dad. You’re normally given quite a lot of flexibility with the dates as well, especially at the moment with the uncertainty of the coronavirus.

A MasterClass Subscription

If your dad has always fancied being the new Gordon Ramsey or has a burning passion to learn how to write, DJ or train his dog how to do more than just sit, then a masterclass subscription could be perfect for him.

This online subscription site comes with over one hundred different classes that can be accessed for as little as £14.17 a month, so if your dad is a keen learner, then this would make a great gift for him.

A New Suitcase

With the COVID travel restrictions set to be lifted this summer, your dad is probably counting down the days until he can take a holiday. Dads are some of the most hard-working people out there, and his new suitcase may encourage him to take a much-needed break. Bring on the summer!

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