How to Make Space for a Home Office

Now that it looks like many of us mums will be working from home for the foreseeable future, it can be hard to figure out how we will have room for everything. It is one thing if you live in a large house with a playroom for the kids and a dedicated study as a room. But many of us have to simply work at the kitchen table, amid everything else, or keep our laptop with us on the sofa. If you’re working from home, here are the best ways to make space for a home office during this strange period.

Decorating your space is crucial. If you are not going to have to spend not only your work days, but your evenings in the same space, creating a space that inspires you is important. This is especially the case now that we are unable to go out of the home to restaurants and cafes. You can hire in professional interior decorators or even someone who can just pick a few key pieces, be it wallpaper, fabrics and colors. A professional will consider what artwork might look good on the walls, or indeed what furniture and accessories might set it off, while, of course, being practical. If this is outside of your budget, look for inspiration on Pinterest or similar social media.

Get rid of some items

One way to make space for a home office is by simply getting rid of some of our possessions. Having too many things can be what stands in the way of a pleasant living experience. Being ruthless about what we do and don’t need is the really important thing in this. If there are things you don’t use at the moment, but don’t want to get rid of completely, and you don’t have space for it, consider something like a portable garage which will allow you to keep things on-site, but just not within your home office.

Get help from a home organiser

It can be hard to think about what to throw away, but that is where home organisers can come in useful because they are able to look at your things objectively without having the sentimental attachment towards your possessions. They will be able to consider what can be thrown away — what doesn’t “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say — or what should simply be kept in storage for the times of the year when you don’t use them.

There are lots of way to create workable and cosy space for a home office during lockdown. It might feel like a burden to be forced to consider all these things, but perhaps the crucial thing to consider is that you will win back your time in terms of productivity. Having a good work environment is known to boost your ability to do your work well. It has the same effect of putting on a suit to work from home, rather than simply wearing your pyjamas!

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