How to Make Like a Rockstar in Your Birthday Party!

Whether you are five, 15, or 25, birthday parties are an incredibly joyful event. Despite many disliking celebrating their birthday as a result of getting older, birthdays are a celebration of life and of gaining more experience. Birthday parties range from the subdued to the crazy exciting, they can be proper tea parties or a full-on rave! But for those who like the middle ground, themed parties can have a little of both; lively and calm. A rockstar theme for example, makes you the awesome center of attention and at the same time, everyone will be enjoying it. Below are some tips on how to make like a rockstar on your birthday and have a rock n’ roll evening.

1.  Music!

If you are making like a rockstar then the first thing you have to choose is, you guessed it, music! Since the theme is rock star, then the playlist should be full of rock and roll music including Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Nirvana, and Green Day have the feel of nostalgia but still make your party rockin’! Try to choose a mixture of upbeat rock and rock music that is a little more relaxed so that people don’t get a headache or get too bored.

2.  Party Décor and Activities

It’s not a rockstar birthday party if you don’t match the decorations and activities with the theme!  Starting with the invitations, you could make them in the shape and style of a concert ticket, then plaster the walls with guitars, rent a karaoke machine and a disco ball, and create a contest for the best decorated guitar for example and you will be good to go. With a themed party, don’t forget to tell people to dress as their favorite Rockstar! Of course, since you will want to remember all those good memories, you must rent a photo booth! Photo booths by Kikibooth will be needed since there are unlimited prints, several backdrops and props (like mics and guitars to finish off the theme), and get a great computer service to print out those memorable moments!

3.  Clothes and Makeup

As for yourself, you can choose a rockstar that was well known for something, while at the same time creating your own unique spin on it to make it exclusive to yourself, but also making it easy for people to guess who you are automatically. There is nothing more that can bum someone out in a costume party than no one understanding your costume at all! As for makeup, this is the moment to go all out – either ask a friend who is a makeup artist, or try to go out it yourself, either way it will look super cool.

The interesting thing about themed parties that all ages could enjoy them, they are neither too immature nor extremely classic. The important thing is that your guests should be able to find an activity that they could immerse themselves in and enjoy their time. But with karaoke and photo booths, they’ll have fun in no time!


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