How to Make Christmas Day Fun During Lockdown

With so much uncertainty in the air in the UK and around the world at the moment, many people are probably thinking how Christmas Day might change this year if social distancing restrictions are still in place. While it certainly won’t be a very normal Christmas Day, there are many ways you can still make it fun and special and ensure that your family won’t be bored!

Here are some ideas on how you can make Christmas Days fun during the lockdown.

Watch Movies Together Across Devices

If you can’t snuggle up with your loved ones to a Christmas movie this year, you can still share the experience together, even from a distance. If you have a big family, why not try to have a video call where you can all watch the same movie from your own households and share the experience over chat? It could be a movie you plan ahead of time to watch together, or maybe something which is on the TV on Christmas Day.

Write a Letter

With social restrictions in place and more time spent indoors, there’s nothing that can pick up your mood better than receiving mail — especially from loved ones. This can be a great opportunity to write a heartfelt letter and say lots of things you can’t say in person. This can be more fun and more personal than a video call, and also means that you can send it along with your loved one’s gift in the mail so that they still have something special to open on Christmas Day.

Think About the Best Games for Your Own Household

Plan some fun games for your own household if you can’t go out or if you can’t see as many family members or friends as you would like. There’s a lot of choice with technology and video games you can play together on the big screen.

Table-based games are also perfect, as they still allow you to separate yourself or distance a little more if you need, like classic board games or even a pool table, like at Home Leisure Direct; and with home delivery from, you don’t have to leave your house to get one, either.

Make Sure to Video Call

Technology is a blessing during this tough time, so take advantage of it, and video call the people that matter so that you can still see their faces and show them what Santa brought you! You could even set up a video call during your mealtime if you want to prop up your device at the table so that you can still eat together (in a way!).

Support Local Businesses

With everyone struggling during the lockdown, local businesses need all the help they can get. Spend the extra time and care shopping this Christmas by sourcing all your supplies from local businesses who need the helping hand. Buy your loves one’s sweet treats from your local suppliers or make a hamper or care package for them. Get your Christmas Day meal supplies from your local shop, and any food and drink locally instead of hitting the big stores.

Christmas Day this year can still be special, no matter what!

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