How to Look After a Senior Parent from Afar

Looking after an elderly parent can be difficult, and it becomes even more so when you live far away from them. It’s not impossible, though, and with enough organization, you can ensure your senior parent is well looked after even when they live miles away. This guide will take you through how to achieve this.

Consider Assisted Living

If your parent needs extra care that you cannot provide, why not encourage them to join an assisted living community? This is especially beneficial for seniors who live alone, as it’ll provide them with a sense of community that they wouldn’t usually have access to.

According to Brightview Senior Living, it is safer for unwell seniors to have constant access to security and medical care. Places fill up fast, though, so start researching communities in advance.

Plenty of Phone Calls

Just because you are not physically present doesn’t mean you can’t speak every day. To make sure they are coping well, give them a call each day to see how they’re doing. It’s a great way to catch up about frivolous events, too – they’d probably love to hear about their grandkid’s latest achievements in school!

Don’t just speak on the phone, either – get them on Facetime as well. This way, if they are struggling, you’ll have an easier time spotting it. Remember, people don’t always admit when they aren’t feeling their best.

Get Them on Social Media

Social media is great for communication, so take the time to show your parent how to navigate social media sites. This way, you can keep up to date with them online, and they can message you any time of the day. Plus, they’ll probably enjoy all the interesting communities they can find there!

Set Reminders on Their Phone

If your senior parent has obligations like taking medications, make sure they never forget by setting reminders on their phone. This way, they don’t have to rely on other people to remind them. Just make sure they keep their phone on hand.

Get to Know Their Neighbors

To keep your peace of mind and ensure your parent has someone to talk to and look out for them, get to know their neighbors. The next time you visit, bring a cake or some biscuits around and introduce yourself. This way, if anything happens at your parent’s house, or you’re just worried because you haven’t heard from them in a while, you can ask the neighbor to check-in. Plus, an extra friend never hurts!

Visit as Often as You can

As you live so far away, you won’t be able to visit as often as you’d like, but that doesn’t mean not visiting altogether. Whenever you have a free weekend or a couple of days off work, go and see your parent to make sure they’re doing OK and to enjoy some quality time with them.

Living far away from your elderly parent can be difficult, especially when you want to help. By keeping up with them in other ways, though, you can ensure they stay both healthy and happy.

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