How to Know When a Room Needs Thermal Insulation

It can be quite a nuisance for a lot of homeowners when their house is too cold indoors. This is problematic and it can be freezing during the winter at home. Having a home that is poorly insulated can decrease its value and it makes your quality of life indoors unappealing. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by having thermal insulation in all of your rooms. If you don’t know how to tell if your home is properly insulated or not, then read on to learn more about which room in your home will need thermal insulation.

Frozen Pipes

You would have several frozen pipes at home if it’s not insulated properly. This can be one of the major signs to know that your home needs more thermal insulation. You should realize that frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage at home because they could burst and cause leaks. If you don’t want to spend extra money on changing every pipe and fixture you have at home, then you should invest in more insulation methods that can keep your home warm.

Cold Drafts 

Sometimes when you walk into a room, you might feel sudden cold drafts that send chills through your body. Even though there aren’t any doors or windows opened, you might have small openings that you can’t see that let the air seep through. To prevent this annoying phenomenon, you need to check the gaps around your doors and windows. You could use an aluminum nitride sheet or insulation sprays to try to cover these gaps as much as you can. It can help you seal off any drafts from entering your home. These sheets and sprays have high thermal conductivity, and they can keep your home warmer in the winter.  

Heaters Aren’t Enough

When you realize that your heaters aren’t enough to keep your home warm and you’re still freezing, then your home is under-insulated. Every type of heater or heat pump is designed to complement a home’s insulation. They are not designed to fully regulate the heat and keep the entire house warm throughout the winter alone.

The Touch Test

You should do the touch test on your floors, walls, and ceiling if it’s possible. If every surface you test is cold indoors, then your home needs more insulation. A properly insulated home should keep every surface indoors warm to the touch. As a result, when you touch these surfaces from the outside, they should be freezing because the thermal insulation effects would keep the warm air inside and keep the cold air outside.

There is nothing wrong with having extra perks in your home that can keep you warm, especially during the cold nights of winter. You deserve to feel comfortable, happy, and warm in your own home. You should do all the necessary tests to find out why your home isn’t fully insulated and then fix the problem accordingly. This will make your home cozy and you can thank the thermal insulation methods for it. Not only will you stay warm at home, but it will also increase your home’s resale value significantly.


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