How To Keep Your Family Healthy During The Pandemic

The coronavirus came out of the blue and hit us entirely by surprise, after all, who would have thought this time last year that we would now be spending our lives under quarantine locked down at home? We have all had to adjust to spending more time at home, as many of us have been furloughed from our jobs, or worse, we have been made redundant. Children are no longer at school and are being taught online using new technology such as video conferencing calls. The upshot of all of this is that our lives have been turned upside down and our health has suffered as a result. We are leading much more sedentary lives, and many of us are also experiencing mental health issues. If this sounds like the situation in your household, then read on to discover how to keep your family fit and healthy during the pandemic.

Take-up Yoga

Yoga is in vogue right now, and for good reason because it is suitable for the whole family. It provides physical health benefits and helps with the mental side of things as it allows you to relax and zen out. The entry barriers are practically nil as there are many free online classes to guide you through the early days, and all you need is a yoga mat and some loose-fitting clothing to get started. So, if you are looking for an activity that all the family can enjoy together, then yoga is the one. Give it a go and see your overall health improve day by day. 

Instill Good Hygiene

As we all know, the coronavirus can be spread very easily, so maintaining a hygienic daily routine is paramount. All your family should be aware of the importance of handwashing every time they leave or enter the house and when they come into contact with any foreign objects. They should also carry an alcohol-based gel to ensure that no virus can survive and share with others they may come into contact with. Face masks should be worn whenever in a public place like a supermarket or on public transport, and handshakes should be avoided at all costs. With children being children, you will need to stress the importance of the new hygiene precautions daily so that they don’t inadvertently bring the virus home.

Install an Air Filter

We are all spending more and more time in our homes, yet we also run the risk of bringing the virus home with us when we are out and about at work or doing the weekly shop. Furthermore, with more people in the home for longer, the air quality is bound to suffer, which could lead to unwanted extra health complications. Combat these effects by installing an air filter to purify the air that you and your family breathe. Professionals recommend that you visit this website in order to understand the options available to you, as there are many different filter types and sizes available, and you want to get the one that is the right fit for your home. Once installed, you will have peace of mind that you are breathing clean, virus-free air in your home.

Improve Your Cooking Skills

Our diet is extremely important at the best of times, but it is even more crucial during the pandemic because you want to have the strongest immune system possible. Instead of indulging in takeaways, why not download some healthy recipes and get cooking, or even learn to cook, if you’re not very good at it? Fresh fruit and vegetables are key and can be delivered to your door if you don’t fancy going to the supermarket, and the beauty of cooking is that you can involve the whole family, teaching the younger ones valuable life skills. Let them choose what they want to eat, providing it is healthy, and soon they will be talking about the wonderful new food they are eating with their friends while boosting their immune systems. 


As we have learned, keeping your family healthy during the pandemic is not easy, as there are many things to think about. Not only do we have to think about our physical health when it comes to exercise, but also, our mental health can be improved by taking up yoga. Then it is a question of hygiene and making sure that children are aware of the necessary precautions so that they do not catch or spread the virus. Follow this guide, and the whole family will come out the other side fit and healthy, just raring to go.

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